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  1. Benjamin

    Episode 114 — Hats Off to Caruso

    The dogpocalypse was offset by carmageddon.
  2. Benjamin

    Episode 114 — Hats Off to Caruso

    It's weird to hear two people behind some of my favorite shows when I was in my early teens talk about them a decade later on an American comedy podcast. Felt like Joe Cornish kind of just wanted to promote his film and get out at first, it got a bit annoying how many plugs there were for Attack the Block throughout the show, (although it's understandable in his position) but once he and Edgar both relaxed into the format they did well and they got some good material out of Matt Besser's character. Although an episode that's only an hour long always makes me think there were lots of awkward bits that that didn't work so well that were cut out.
  3. Benjamin

    Episode 113 — Skanking Hayride

    I was slightly disappointed to see Seth Morris wasn't doing Bob Ducca at first. What a fool I was. It took it's time to build but when they got there it was superb.
  4. Benjamin

    Episode 31 — Dragon Boy Suede and Oates

    Kate Miccuci is utterly adorable. There just has to be some horrible dark side she keeps hidden from the public right? Maybe it'll come out some day in Garfunkel and Oates behind the music.
  5. Benjamin

    Episode 112 - Since You've Been Gone

    There was a bonus episode on Friday because of the guest host and today's episode dropped a day later because it was 4th of July yesterday is all. Is it me or does Weird Al look disturbingly like Russell Brand in his profile photo? Anyway great episode as ever Dame Sir Andrew and Weird Al are always great on the show.