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  1. CXRengel

    Episode 65 — Howard the Duck: LIVE!

    Why you didn't talk about this movie in episode #1 (live or otherwise) is a mystery.
  2. CXRengel

    Episode 70 — The Sklarbro Rippers

    Three for three - Patton Oswalt knocks it out of the park again.
  3. CXRengel

    Episode 69 — Yankovic Cove

    Mixin' it up @ Sklarbro Country - I've enjoyed many episodes of Randy & Jason's masterpiece of a podcast, and they always had a particular structure to each show (music, news/Sklarbitration, guest interview, quick-hits, surprise guest). This time, they switch it around with the awesome music stylings of Jim Bianco, and then straight to a great interview with parody-genius Weird Al Yankovic. If that weren't enough, it was followed by a HILARIOUS segment of "Quick Hits". Wonderful contributions from both hosts and guests. As much as I like the regular formula of a Sklarbro Country podcast, it's a great surprise when they mix it up. A memorable 69.