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  1. Corman

    Trapped in the Closet

    Yes, please. But only the first half, before R. Kelly was in on the joke.
  2. Corman

    Episode 6 — Jon Daly\'s Rafflecast

    Actually, Jon Daly mentioned on Twitter that there's more Rafflecast on the way.
  3. Corman

    Into the Mouth of Madness

    Actually, I think this is Carpenter's last great movie. I found the slimy, malformed monster puppets he used to be sufficiently Lovecraft-esque. And yes, that final scene is supremely chilling. You want bad John Carpenter? Dig up "Cigarette Burns" from the Masters of Horror series.
  4. James Adomian posted his tour dates through May on his tumblr, including: The Opal Obelisk Awards @ UCB Theatre L.A. Saturday 2/25 - 10 p.m. Join hosts David Duchovny and Jeremy Irons for the live gala telecast, celebrating the triumph, the magic, the scandal and the hubris of cinema. And also television. Presented by Messrs. James Adomian & Drew Droege!
  5. Corman

    The Spirit (2008)

    I'm a fan of Will Eisner's original Spirit comics, but Frank Miller was possibly the worst choice they could've made for a director (even though he was friends with Eisner). He has none of the playful humor or subtlety that made the Spirit comics work, not to mention the two-dimensional female characters Eisner threw into the mix. Miller's idea of a joke is to name three henchmen Phobos, Huevos, and Rancheros.
  6. Did you know, when you were shooting the parkour missle scene, that it would be one of the greatest moments in cinema history?
  7. Thanks for selecting The F+ as part of the contest, Earwolf! I was a regular on Portal of Evil as well, and they're one of my favorite podcasts.