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  1. swmkdr

    Episode 115 — Bizarro

    Pedantry corner - describing biscotti as a twice baked biscuit is redundant because both biscuit and biscotti literally mean 'twice cooked'.
  2. swmkdr

    Episode 113 — Pullin Wool

    They have already heavily implied this though in an episode with PFT where they all laugh knowingly at Gore's lasciviousness towards Ku.
  3. swmkdr

    Episode 113 — Pullin Wool

    I re-downloaded Chris Gore's ep a month ago just to hate-listen. I'm not generally the car-crash enjoying type but Gore is uniquely awful.
  4. Totally Laime is the only podcast in the Earwolf Challenge I already listened to. I found it searching for other podcast appearances by Harris Wittels and liked it enough to become a regular listener. The hosts are great and they get some excellent guests. From the comments so far it seems like the one to beat.