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  1. RobotsPJs

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    Sark... Say it aint so! My regular Star Wars RPG broke up mostly due to the DM getting a new job, then was destroyed by an evil baby.
  2. RobotsPJs

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    I started catching up on this show after not being able to listen to it for awhile. This was a rather depressing episode to start with.
  3. I am like a butterfly going through that one process. BRILLIANT! I want more cowboy poems! Where can I find this book!?
  4. RobotsPJs

    The Infamous D&D Religious Tract

    Wow... I wonder if that's been tried. It might be a big seller. Like Uno was the card game for Baptists who can't play cards, but because you don't use regular playing cards they can play Uno!
  5. RobotsPJs

    Episode 61 — The Scream in the Cave

    Rats. Why did it have to be rats? Re: Fat Lenny. I had two mice that both had tumors. I hear its a big problem with rats and mice.
  6. RobotsPJs

    Episode 60 — The Man Rats

    I added Scaven to Heroquest, not knowing that they're actually in the same "universe".
  7. RobotsPJs

    Episode 60 — The Man Rats

    Wow, welcome to the now! This is the painful life you lead every week now, having to wait until the next one.
  8. RobotsPJs

    Episode 118 — Ukraine Obese

    The first sketch is just brilliant. "35.. can't drive. That's crazy..."
  9. RobotsPJs

    Episode 60 — The Man Rats

    Glad I'm not the only super nerd here.
  10. RobotsPJs

    Episode 5 — New Posse

    Love Ian Roberts. And this show. More!
  11. RobotsPJs

    Episode 60 — The Man Rats

    I make it a habit to never acknowledge a pregnancy until the pregnant person officially says they are pregnant. They can be nine months along and I don't say crap.
  12. RobotsPJs

    Episode 60 — The Man Rats

    Always love a good, "It wasn't a chicken" reference. Are the rat people Skaven? I know, different game... but you can't get any more rat people than Skaven.
  13. RobotsPJs

    Episode 81 — Mortal Kombat

    I'd say that Highlander is only necessary to do on the show in order to get a better grasp on Highlander 2, which you really need to do.
  14. RobotsPJs

    Episode 117 — Meaty Meaty Hands

    Great show, loved the cast combo!