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  1. i just got a MIDI file of eminem's Ass Like That and ran a sampler of scott saying "plugs" from the hotwives episode. im a fucking genius
  2. alcxxk

    Episode 114 — Hats Off to Caruso

    i really love comedy bang bang, and really love cornballs, so was really disappointed that this was one of the worst episodes everrr (have listened to every one ever over the couple of months, and actually amn't exaggerrrattting). still some good laughs in it tho! weird that there was no reference to the adam and joe podcast. just think that the matt besser (sp?) character wasn't really funny at all (not that he isn't normally funny)
  3. alcxxk


    (named Plug'n'Tug, by Christopher Alcxxk)
  4. a short, creepy, but hopefully apt Plugs Theme