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  1. No new episode this week? I'm scared...
  2. You still have listeners!!! Damn you and Hollywood Handbook are really messing with my emotions.
  3. Never mind. Feeds are back.
  4. Hi Don't know if its just me but all of Earwolfs feeds seem to be dead. Nothing is downloading or streaming on any of the apps I've tried. Anyone else seeing this?
  5. Haze

    Episode 473 - Tight Tort

    Small note for Midroll. Maybe don't sign deals with company's selling magic age reversing potions?
  6. Yeah this is kinda unlistenable...
  7. Is anyone actually happy about this decision apart from higher-ups who dreamt it up? None of the hosts seem happy. None of your fans (now customers) sound happy. Once again a paywall ruins everything.
  8. Jumping Jeff Farmer with the best wrestling promo of all time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MISUHTo2NDs
  9. The most beautiful Engrish I've ever heard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lead_gDb48w
  10. Damn its we never got to hear that fake IRS call!
  11. Ok I did NOT type Tawny Newsome over and over again like that. What the heck?
  12. Damn Tawny Newsome really sounds like Colleen Smith in this. Tawny Newsome Tawny Newsome Tawny Newsome Tawny Newsome Tawny Newsome Tawny Newsome Tawny Newsome
  13. Irish rowing silver medalists giving an interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlO7zr7woHc
  14. Pff typical Hogan, can't even put death over.
  15. We are up to March, the backlog is thinning!