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  1. wombat02

    Episode 64 — After Earth

    Fashion Diversity! June and Paul stop off at the podcast on the way to the gym, Jason wears the one shirt he owns and PFT suits up like a god damn boss. Love it.
  2. wombat02

    Episode 111 — You Wanna Ocean Tonight?

    Damon Wayans Jr. is probably the 3rd generation of Wayans ManZ was talking about. He was in The Other Guys and is in Happy Endings which Kulap guest starred on. Bro.
  3. wombat02

    Episode 6 — Swim Toward The Light

    Am I wrong or has BlackyGreen the warlock not used a spell this entire thing?
  4. wombat02

    Episode 2 — Roll For Your Fate

    This is a great podcast. A different format and I have never played DnD so it's nice to learn a little about it with creative funny people playing it out.
  5. wombat02

    Episode 31 — Cyborgs

    I think the Commentors Corner was great!
  6. Is there any reason that this movie takes place on the moon?
  7. wombat02

    Episode 145 — A Family Affair

    I think we can all agree Tim and Eric's prism skews things 15 degrees...
  8. wombat02

    Episode 63 — P. F. Toddler

    Pre-listening thoughts. 1) PFT, awesome. 2) I am intrigued by the 'Preschool Diploma' pic 3) While being super jealous at the same time that apparently is is warm enough in LA for shorts.
  9. Great podcast but horse races are not all female. Some races are for only females horses, I'm sure that is what was going on that day when they shot at the racetrack.
  10. wombat02

    Episode 26 — Jingle All The Way

    This movie makes no sense at any point in time, but for some reason I still like it.
  11. wombat02

    Episode 50 — DJ Robbi Scrab

    Wisconsinite here for Chart Goose fact collaboration. The Ho Chunk tribe has a casino in Wisconsin Dells which is a big tourist location in Wisconsin. //end lame post
  12. wombat02

    Episode 19 — The Wicker Man

    So I have never seen this movie but from the description, all they want from Cage is to sacrifice him? Why don't they break his legs while he is sleeping as soon as he gets to the island?
  13. wombat02

    Episode 34 — It\'s Pronounced \"RO-bits\"

    Horrible bosses was pretty excellent. Charlie Day and Jason Sudakis(sp?) worked really well together. And it did get somewhat dark and at least one of the bosses does get killed.
  14. wombat02

    Episode 114 — Hats Off to Caruso

    I gotta say... what about a move called Robbins n' Caruso. Tim Robbins and David Caruso are stranded on a desert island...