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  1. kennzeichen d

    Episode 168 — Breaking Bread

    As for the "Pope", I think you fell for a con-man. I think that wasn´t the Pope. I think that was DR. STRANGELOVE. Or maybe Peter Sellers ghost as Dr. Strangelove.
  2. kennzeichen d

    Episode 165 — Hoo-ah!

    Alright, that´s the third time Amy Phillips was on the show (to my knowledge, anyway) and the third time she did a character. I´d wish once she would come on as a normal guest and be properly interviewed. Is that too much to ask?
  3. kennzeichen d

    Episode 53 — Ace of Baritone

    KULAP: I just heard You live in TOLUCA LAKE. Question: Do You sometimes visit SILENT HILL?
  4. kennzeichen d

    Episode 19 — Trick or Treat

    Much apprecciated, Seedy, keep doing the work of the lawd!
  5. kennzeichen d

    Episode 19 — Trick or Treat

    Another great episode in a row of great eps! I just like to state that SEEDY is my personal favourite of the trio. Just to hear her pronounce words like "ssstuddio" and "cavvitty" makes listening worthwhile.
  6. kennzeichen d

    Episode 44 — Couples Therapy

    http://youtu.be/5yw2WhIieHM Jackie Mason sounds just like Edmund Stoiber (south-german conservative politician)
  7. kennzeichen d

    Episode 10 — Self-Defense

    Again - You make mondays so much better. Keep up the good work!
  8. kennzeichen d

    Episode 9 — Men

    Hallo, Apfel Schwestern! Nice show! Hope we will be hearing more from dem Banana Brotters in se future. You tseem like a patriotic trio. An sins ders a war going on, maybie you haff been enterteining se droops. Maybie you haff bein to an milidary airfield ones, huh? You haff, aha! And how mennie men you dsink you haff seen dere? Aha. And wot kind of airplehns were dere? Aha. And you dsink it was guarded shtrongly? Oha. And you dsink in der future dere will be an episode about espionage and sabotage? Louking forward, Yours drooly
  9. kennzeichen d

    Episode 9 — Men

    Nice show! I´m looking forward to hearing more from the Banana Brothers. Also: I have a question: Did any of you three Apple Sisters at some point in time provide voices for an animated show called "SUPERNEWS"? Especially for a bit where Megan McCain meets Jabba Limbaugh "...but you totes making conservatives fail...". That used to be my favourite part of that show. So much for now. Keep up the good work.
  10. kennzeichen d

    Episode 8 — Staycation

    Dang it, I had to register just to state the following: The show was recommended by the A.V.-Club website, so I thought I check it out, but going into this rather sceptical, not expecting much from this gimmicky concept. By now, I listened to all episodes and I think that your fine show might be one of THE FUNNIEST THINGS SINCE THE GOON-SHOW! Then again, you cannot know of the GOON-SHOW, since that will not be on the air until 1951, another 8 years from your time-line. Too bad.