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  1. Cody Nelson

    Episode 54 — Clark Duke, Our Close Friend

    I can't be the only one dying to know what avenue Hayes and Sean went down that the guest was not on board with, right? There's clearly a story there.
  2. Cody Nelson

    Episode 31 — Jazz

    I could see dissenters of this really getting on board with Hollywood Handbook. Maybe give that a shot if this isn't up your alley.
  3. Cody Nelson

    Episode 31 — Happy Black Friday!

    The slow realization and subsequent discomfort-based laughing based around Bobby saying "n***er Friday" is so goddamned funny.
  4. Are you Owen or TJ? Either way, you're doing great work, though I wish your show came out more often.
  5. Will the back catalog of NNF be added to the Earwolf site? Or just the handful that are already there, and then from 1401 on?
  6. Cody Nelson

    Episode 6 — Paul Rust, Our Close Friend

    My question is for Elvie Kempler: When you were working on Mystery Boys, did you know Donald "Too Scary" Glover was Childish Gambino? If so, why not leak it to the public for your own personal gain as your career has floundered in the years since.
  7. Cody Nelson

    Episode 94 — Hands In The Air

    This episode was un-fucking-believable. There should be a 'not safe for public listening' warning on this show sometimes, jesus. Also, I'm incredibly unhappy with myself for knowing this, but I'm about 99% sure that dolphins are the only other species outside humans that have sex for pleasure.
  8. Cody Nelson

    Episode 121 — The Origin of Dubstep

    I'm sure there are good points scattered throughout, but I don't care to find them, because man, that is one insufferable tumblr.
  9. Cody Nelson

    Episode 139 — Cock Pulldowns

    I gotta say, while I love the fact that you're transitioning into video, it's getting a little annoying that you're advertising videos that aren't even uploaded yet.
  10. Cody Nelson

    Episode 197 — Please Claire-ify

    I'm having some serious troubles finding this video on the VPN network. Is it not up yet? I'm really glad Earwolf is delving into video podcasting, but so far, the whole process is confusing from a viewer standpoint. The split between the VPN and Earwolf channels is sort of misleading, and there's not a great timeframe on when things will be uploaded after the live streams, which I personally will never be able to watch. I know it's still in its infancy, so hopefully all the kinks get ironed out sooner rather than later. Comedy Bang Bang is my absolute favorite thing in the world, and I'll be a diehard fan forever, so hopefully this isn't misconstrued as disrespectful, just some food for thought.
  11. Cody Nelson

    Episode 103 — Monkey Trumpet

    'I don't know how I'm going to get over Mark. I guess I'll give it a try.' Completely deadpan and just total BS. Loved it. She was brilliant on BL, so glad she made it the furthest. Just a delight to see on screen.
  12. Cody Nelson

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    So let me get this straight. I wiki'd this but I'm still a little confused. Tony Clifton is a real person (the guest on today's ep) as well as a fictional character of Kaufman's? Interesting.
  13. Cody Nelson

    Meeting Up

    Minneapolitan here. Definitely down for getting together with fellow Earwolf fans at an Acme show, or maybe an upcoming concert!
  14. Cody Nelson

    Episode 30 — Toast Points

    Come on, Matt. Her name is pronounced Gill-ian. You're Besser than that.
  15. Cody Nelson

    Episode 82 — Turn the (Ellen) Page

    You guys are aware that S. Carey is one of the drummers for Bon Iver, right? If not, well, now you do, because he is.