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  1. Great ep! I would love to debate Besser on Millennials, but really great improv by everybody.
  2. I think it helps if you have a similar musical taste to Besser, like I weirdly seem to have. When he made a TSOL reference (to Code Blue, nonetheless) it blew my mind.
  3. Aren't most songs about girls anyway, though? Girls or boys, or doing drugs, or how it sucks being on the road in a band. That's pretty much rock music right there. Probably going to get a better memory or scene out of something like that Rush's 2112 or whatever.
  4. Foxtrot1

    Bret Easton Ellis

    Bret Easton Ellis is also a genuine giant weirdo, so this might be good. But I can maybe see them clashing a bit.
  5. Foxtrot1

    i4h tv pilot

    Honestly I think one of the best suggestion-based scenes one of the early ones, the multiple referee from episode 4: Don't know if that's what you're looking for but it's one of the earliest ones that I thought was really a perfect demonstration of the art of longform and got me really hooked on the show.
  6. Foxtrot1

    New to the forums

    There's a Frankingstein that posts in the Sklarboro Country threads but I think he is just a big sports head
  7. Foxtrot1

    Other podcasts?

    I want other podcasts to be Sean and Hayes now
  8. Why is Matt Mira a successful comedy writer? He seems like a nice enough guy but doesn't seem very funny at all. Like, I don't even think he'd be the funny guy in your squad, maybe second overall and a good support player for bits.
  9. Foxtrot1

    Other podcasts?

    Hey so I was going to just put this in the most recent episode thread but I don't want to take anything away from that guy who wrote that song about Shaq I have spent the last two months ignoring all of the other podcasts I listen to and catching up on everything Sean and Hayes have ever done. I don't even like reality shows. Now I'm coming up on the final episode of RSS after listening to every Hollywood Handbook twice and I don't know what to do. Will I be able to listen to any other podcasts ever again? They're like this one, but way shittier. Will Sean and Hayes be on the second season of Serial, or will I have to skip that one too?
  10. I am new to the podcast. Which are the best episodes? I just listened to the Dave Thomas one and it was amazing. Listened to Sodaro, PFT, mostly the names I recognized. I'm now using "speak on that" all the time.
  11. Foxtrot1

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    I wrote a story about pick-up artists a while ago and one interesting thing I found is that there's actually a lot of first- and second-generation immigrant males among the groups, at least in Canada. When they come from patriarchal societies or places without the same level of sexual freedom, dating in the Western world can be a real mystery. They're attracted to the PUA movement because it not only provides them with an alleged method to "get" women, it can also reinforce their ingrained cultural norms about male dominance. Which is totally horrible because literally the best pick-up technique is "Be interesting and be interested in other people."
  12. Foxtrot1

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    Trip report: This guy is actually way less offensive than I thought, but he's still not very funny. I like that they took a risk with the guest, though. I did really appreciate that he pointed out how a lot of the mainstream pick-up artists are just using the language of abuse, I thought that was pretty perceptive. Then again, that was after he called himself the "Prince of Pick-Up" or something like that e: He's still a big ol' sexist creep though, just to be clear. But I don't mind that he was on the podcast at all, even if it made for some uncomfortable listening.
  13. Foxtrot1

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    Okay, fair enough. I have faith in Tig, Kyle and David. Also, check out this guy's photo on the episode page for some extra laughs.
  14. Foxtrot1

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    I couldn't be less interested in hearing what some misogynist creep pick-up artist has to say. Is this episode actually worthwhile to listen to? Those guys make my skin crawl.
  15. Foxtrot1

    Episode 200 — Advice

    This was one of the best episodes ever. Kyle's script - and the genuine surprise of everyone else in the studio - left me in tears laughing. Molly was an awesome guest, and had actual (hilarious!) chemistry with Kyle (and everybody else). A real treat for a 200th episode.