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  1. Is it possible that Comets/Meteors are a metaphor in Steven Kings mind for Cocaine? There are a lot of his stories that have comets or meteors that reap destruction. Tommyknockers, the Tales From the Crypt, Under the Dome (Yes I unfortunately watched some of that show), Maximum Overdrive all deal with a meteors crashing into earth and messing stuff up. I'm not a huge King fan so there may be more examples. Did King feel that his Cocaine use was like a comet heading to earth and it was going to ruin everything? Maybe not, but he does use this device often (Or maybe not that often considering how much he's written).

  2. I'm so glad I got to listen to this show. Back in the beginning I sent in a email with a picture of my little baby because she was born with a Tig Wig and they posted it on the PB website and read my email. Now my little girl is a sassy 3 year old, time flies by. I'm going to miss listening to this group each week. Good luck and I love you guys.

  3. This movie has an all star cast - Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, etc.
    It was directed by the man who co-wrote Empire Strikes back Lawrence Kasdan
    The script is based on a a story by the same man who wrote the story Shawshank Redemption.

    Somehow this is one of the worst movies ever.

    It has an alien that attacks your butt hole. The strangest dual personality scene's by Damian Lewis.

    Watch it and loath it.