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    What guest do you want to see?

    H.Jon and Glaser sounds awesome. Conan seems plausible, he did do Between 2 ferns. I'd like to hear him and Andy do the faux strained relationship they hinted at on B2F. More Pepitone, I thought his Teamster character he did was hilarious, and he seemed to like the format of the show. Bring him on with Maron. Bob and Dave could be magical. Might as well make it a Mr. Show reunion. Todd Glass needs to come back. Tim & Eric together, with fake tension. Will Farrell seems plausible. Him with John C. and Adam Mckay would be great, but probably hard to book all at the same time.
  2. Shaun.S

    Episode 80 — Enigma Force Five Reunion

    I pretty much registered just because I was curious why no one has commented on this hilarious episode. Even Hot Saucerman himself agrees that this episode is an 'all-time classic,' as they say in the biz. Even the first twenty minutes, which is mainly just scott and adam talking about U2, is hilarious. The faux relationship of Ice-T and Ventura is amazing. Felt like there was great chemistry between these four guys and everyone was as quick with the improv as ever. I feel like I'm gushing now, but it's my first post and I've listened to this episode more times than I have any other individual episode, so I was surprised that this forum was empty. "Whats up, Indie 103.1 brooooss!" - Gerald, aka "Jerry with a G"