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  1. Caroline's explanation of the relevance of sound issues was dead on and I'm stoked that TVZ Chris has stepped up to the plate and embraced that constructive criticism. Sound quality is fundamental to audio entertainment and delivering a podcast show with crappy sound is like delivering a TV show with out-of-focus video or a piano recital on an untuned instrument. It's unreasonable to expect the judges to simply ignore the primary element of the medium when that element goes some way to obscuring what they've been brought in to judge.
  2. This was the first episode I listened to of the Challenge. I was drawn in when I saw that The Godfather and The Gateway were The Guests and over the course of the episode their superb commentary and Matt Besser's brilliant hosting really hooked me to want to follow the show from here on.
  3. Bucho

    Episode 52 — Citizen\'s Sklarrest

    Love that Myq Kaplan. LOVE him. Those Sklars are pretty damn great also.
  4. Bucho

    New York Podcasts?

    Actually, speaking of Pat Dixon, there is also the black, black humour of the New York City Crime Report. I don't know of another comedy podcast out there with a sensibility more shadowy, deep and dark and than the NYC Crime Report's Yin to the mostly light, fluffy and silly Yang we get from the majority of LA podcasts.
  5. Bucho

    New York Podcasts?

    If you're a comedy nerd who's interested in the comics working out of that tough-as-nuts, take-no-bullshit, make-no-aplogies, sprawling, brawling city we call New Yoooooooooooooooork you might well enjoy the loooooooong-running and very popular "Keith And The Girl" Caroline. Keith Malley is as comedy nerd as they come - he listens to every comedy album and watches every TV special even when he knows he won't like the comic - and his exotic, talented and brassy ex-girlfriend Chemda Khalili is a great co-host who goes out to see comedy in the city three to four times a week so she really has her finger on the pulse of tyhe NYC scene and over the years KATG've continued to get many, many great guests such as Victor Varnado, Myq Kaplan, Marc Maron, Ophira Eisenberg, Pat Dixon, Greg Giraldo and Doug Stanhope. A fun episode to start might be last week's #1427 (yes they've done over 1400 episodes) with super smart up-and-comer and Jon Oliver opener Mike Lawrence.
  6. I seventh Pardo, Richter, Burress, Kroll, Weird Al, The Bammer, Samberg, Sklars, Sharpling, Reggie, Hardwick, JT and Hot Saucerman. I also nominate Wolfpal Mr Jesse Thorn, with a particular ear towards his taking a gander at the chart for his beloved hip hop. And I'd love to hear what chemistry Myq Kaplan and Wewe have with each other, let alone Myq's take on the music charts given that he's a muso himself.
  7. Bucho

    I tried. I can't do it.

    Wewe's hilarious. Fact! Kulap's adorable. Fact! The show is an unalloyed delight. FACT!
  8. Bucho

    Episode 24 — Who Are Our Superfans?

    I liked the episode a lot too - playfully abusive Jeff was fun. So much for claiming you're not funny. Between work and travel I've listened to between 30 and 50 hours of podcasting a week since I discovered them in 2005 when, like Frank Pulaski said, the vast majority in the comedy section were a loooooooooong way from professional. Then within a week, sometime in September or October of '05, I discovered Keith and The Girl and The Sound Of Young America, two shows which were a significant cut above the rest in terms of both production quality and funny. KATG were the first show I found in the comedy section at Podcast Alley (there was no podcast section in iTunes back then) that seemed to have really decided that comedy podcasting could be done in a professional way. They took the simple conversational format and added in guest comics and pretty much blazed the trail that Pardo, Carolla, Maron and co would later follow them down. In fact I first heard about The Sklar Brothers from comedy uber-nerd Keith Malley mentioning them on KATG, but it was TSOYA's magnificent Earwolf associated Jesse Thorn who pointed me towards both Comedy Death Ray and Sklarboro Country, and from there I tuned into The Wolf Ded and Who Charted. Whole lifetimes have passed since I first heard KATG and TSOYA, the true pioneers of professional comedy podcasting, and I'm not the least bit surprised that both Jesse and Keith and Chemda have been making their full-time livings from podcasting for a number of years now.
  9. Bucho

    Episode 25 — Who Is The Nerdist?

    Loved listening to you two yap about this stuff. Onwards and upwards!
  10. Bucho

    Episode 114 — Hats Off to Caruso

    Edgar was great and Joe was fine and Scott was as lovely as ever. But as much as I enjoy me some Matt Besser I don't need to hear Martin Riley again.