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  1. Bucho

    I think I'm giving up on WC... :(

    I've listened since year one and for all the upheavals and adjustments Who Charted's still going strong as ever.
  2. Bucho

    EPISODE 227 β€” Movie Theater Plug Life

    Great ep gang. Kitty gets it.
  3. Bucho

    EPISODE 220 β€” Make Love Like Gorillas

    If there was one thing that could help ease the deep sad from Harebear leaving us even just a little bit it's Magnificent Jesse Thorn finally crossing podpaths with Magical Howard Kremer (aside from DBS being on TSOYA and all that).
  4. Bucho

    We will miss you Harris

    Really feeling for Scott, Ku, Howard and all those who clearly loved him so much. Dude brought a lot of sunshine into my life. Into so many lives.
  5. Bucho

    Episode 309 β€” Tony Macaroni

    This is one of the most lol-inducing CBB episodes of all time - maybe even the most lol-inducing. Once Nick got into his stride and was playing off of Claudia there were so many moments I was laughing so hard my face and stomach were aching. Just magnificent.
  6. Bucho

    Episode 311 β€” Denny’s Boys

    Something tells me it was recorded between the 16th and 18th of March.
  7. YUP! http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/13/stop-whining-free-u2-album-hate-bono
  8. The best non-Whooch "music podcast" also happens to regularly deal in "good heavy shit". It's called For Those About To Rock, is a hard rock and metal review show and comes with bonus charming Northern English accents. Matter of fact it's so good that even when they're covering "non-good heavy shit", which is fairly often, it's a lot of fun to listen to.
  9. The irregularity has meant I'm not always up-to-date on The Wolf Den, but this has been one of my favourite shows on the network thanks to you Jeff. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!
  10. Bucho

    Episode 185.5 β€” 6/20/14 TWO CHARTED 124

    How is 1000% correct on the real reason to watch the World Cup. Sure the athleticism and mad skills are neat but the world class people watching is its true raison d'etra, because there is nothing on the planet that can match it in terms of public displays of pure emotion. Outside of a delivery room it's impossible to see greater joy in the faces of human beings than after they or their team has scored in the World Cup, and delivery rooms have no cameras and only have a couple of joyous folks in them - soccer stadiums have thousands. It's the greatest communal event ever invented by mankind. It delivers moments of actual magic.
  11. Bucho

    Episode 9 β€” Hollywood Bowl

    "You've never asked me what I think of Jaws." "We've never gone into this?" "No ... you wanna hear?" "Quite honestly?" "I think it was the shark that killed everyone."
  12. Also second the bejebus out of these ones.
  13. Seconded to the power of a billion.
  14. How about someone who's not just a goddamn ground-breaking pioneer in comedy podcasting and mover and shaker in the NYC comedy world and co-host of the most epic comedy podcast in existence but also a singer who has recorded and toured and has road stories to swap with y'all ... the Queen of Comedy Podcasting, Chemda Khalili. Next time they're in town for the LA Comedy Festival y'all just gotta book her. You just gotta.