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  1. Scott harping on with the questions about how much Stephen makes was hilarious too. I can't get enough of him yammering away socially inappropriately. Speaking if inappropes though, it may be something to do with me being a damn foreigner and not being "with the programme", but I thought "dyke" almost always used as slur, so it took me off guard quite a few times. I liked the charac, just found the name distracting.
  2. Bucho

    Episode 172 — Eight Year Old Torsos

    Very fun episode. Callen's mix of guy-who's-read-every-book and guy-who's-done-every-push-up always entertains.
  3. Bucho

    Episode 255 — A Visit From Hee Hee-ll

    Best new charac since Fourvel? I think he just might be.
  4. Bucho

    What guest do you want to see?

    Hey, look Scott, The Sklars already took Bryan Callen, you better be sure to get D'Elia or Sasso before some other down-with-the-kids Earwolves snaffle 'em up.
  5. Thanks to Andy Daly for being sooooooooo Andy Daly. And thanks to Zach for being the voice to the laughter in my soul.
  6. Bucho

    Episode 253 — Fieri Fight

    Why can't The Choctaw say he was bummed out hearing a bunch of folks say they didn't like an episode?
  7. Bucho

    Episode 253 — Fieri Fight

    Pete's laugh is fine. It's listeners' annoying ears that are the problem.
  8. Bucho

    What guest do you want to see?

    The funniest non-Earwolf podcast I know of which sometimes features characters is the 10 Minute Podcast. Chris D'Elia in particular does an amazing Jean Claude Van Damme but Bryan Callen and Will Sasso also have characs up their sleeves and are also ridiculously hi-lar out of character.
  9. Bucho

    Episode 152 — Overture

    To me Katie sounds exactly like June, so when Ku mentioned the three of them hang out my mind was literally blown. Literally.
  10. Bucho

    Emotional Baby Video

    I always thought this was a really good track by Florence + The Machine but it wasn't until I saw it used for this particular video that I found myself tearing up at it. Now, since I first saw this video, anytime I hear the song I can't help but see images from the video in my head and think of all the the strength and courage and tenacity and extraordinary dedication and superheroine but utterly human beauty of all of those things in all of these women and I can't stop my eyes getting wet and a lump forming in my throat every time. (F+TM starts @ 0:48) It starts welling up from the get-go and when she hits "dawn" ("It's always darkest before the ...") it's like it grabs a hold of my heart and won't let go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TshRIJ-DpKw
  11. Saved this one up for Halloween proper (NZ Time) and boy oh boy did the wait pay off. Yes it did.
  12. Bucho

    Most Awkward Podcast episodes

    The recent ep of Harmontown (69? 70?) where an audience member is invited to the stage, the crowd turns on her when she says something ignorant about LGBT and Dan is just laughing about it. Nooooooooooo, that was far more down to UYD social/podcast uptightness/awkwardness than any problem with JJGo. Seth and Jonathan talked a bit about that awkwardness on their WTF episode - the feeling that they're separate from the rest of the podcast world and how they relate to it. They don't host guests themselves and I think JJGo might even have been the first time they ever guested on another show, so they really seemed like fishes out of waters. That's not to say S & J are bad guys or anything, I still think they do a great job at UYD. Jordan and Jesse are vets of podcasting and radio and over the course of almost 300 episodes have had maybe 3 awkward ones. You just don't get that kind of hit rate if you're lame.
  13. Bucho

    Podcasts That Should Be TV Shows

    I've only listened to the first ep of Revolutions so far Tim, but I foolishly did it while doing work which required such a level of mental attention that I didn't catch enough of the detail so I need to re-listen. The first Hardcore History ep which blew me away was Steppe Stories so I was stoked when he revisited the subject for the epic Wrath of the Khans series of episodes. If I was The King of HBO it'd be a 10 episode series beginning production yesterday.
  14. Bucho

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    Amazing Gabrus. How sweet the sound.
  15. Bucho

    Podcasts That Should Be TV Shows

    Oh, it's accurate. Deadly accurate.
  16. Bucho

    Podcasts That Should Be TV Shows

    Sure do, we get a bunch of their shows over here, plus I've been listening to Murican podcasts for 8 years now so I know everything - and I mean literally everything - about your culture.
  17. Bucho

    Podcasts That Should Be TV Shows

    Nightvale and Mike Detective would be great. I could see both of them being animated, kind of in the vein of Archer. Because I don't have the imagination to think of another vein. Keith and The Girl is as close to a ready-made sitcom as I can think of. In fact one of the hooks which drew me in was how Seinfeldy it felt. It has a ridiculous funny side, it has a touching personal side, the "characters" are very strong personalities and they have some of the best comedians in New York in their orbit. The History of Rome would also be awesome. But very, very expensive.
  18. Fair enough snugglebuns. You'll understand if it seemed weird that you hadn't responded in this thread though.
  19. Bucho

    Episode 150 — Warrior Pose

    I've heard Paul tell the Russell Crowe story before but I never get sick of hearing it. Just like I'll never ever get sick of Whooch.
  20. A true fan would probably thank Jeff for taking all that time to explain what's going on. A true fan would also apologise for being as spectacularly badly wrong as you were about so many Earwolf shows.
  21. Bucho

    What is your top song of the day?!

  22. Bucho

    Episode 148 — Young Randolph Mantooth

    I'll never be able to read "EDM" and not immediately think of Eagles of Death Metal. And that's a good thing.
  23. Bucho

    Episode 245 — Poehler Ice Caps

    Paul's Alan Thicke was VERY Ron Burgundy, and since I don't know what Real Alan Thicke sounds like I was all for it. So many ace eps lately but I think this one made me laugh out loud the longest and the most often.
  24. Bucho

    Episode 244 — An Ode To New York!

    It's ridiculous how loveable Eddie is. Loveable and hilarious. Scott was nothing short of magnificent this episode too. He just gets better and better. And better.
  25. Bucho

    Episode 186 — Heading To San Vicente!

    This was one of my favourite Totally Laime eps ever. It seems like he shouldn't but somehow Eddie fits the show so perfectly.