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  1. Baltron9000

    Episode 163 β€” Planning

    The drops were already killing me, but then: Kyle: Let's talk to the professor. Computer: Bloop. Killed me.
  2. As a D&D player, I have come to terms that my hobby is the most nerdy of the nerdiness, and will always, continually be made fun of. And that's fine. So it was, so it shall be.
  3. Baltron9000

    Episode 77 β€” Into the Woods

    These episodes are a nice change of pace from the Collector's campaign. I love the fuckups, I love the easy going nature of the DM (Who is driving this horse?) and I love the party itself. Forget boss battles, these guys might be their own worst enemies.
  4. Baltron9000

    Episode 76 β€” On the Run

    It's nice to see Blaine warming up to the gig. I really want him to do well, and by the end of it they were really rolling along. I can't wait to see what's in store. Part of me just wants the story to be this random bunch of miscreants getting into trouble with the law.
  5. Baltron9000

    Episode 75 β€” A Good Ol’ Tavern Brawl

    "It's almost as if a good magician did something." I am so in on this new setup. It's a hoot.
  6. Baltron9000

    Episode 74 β€” New Beginning

    If you're wondering how their campaigns go or other DM stuff, just repeat to yourself 'its a free podcast...I should really just relax!'
  7. Baltron9000

    Episode 74 β€” New Beginning

    So very excited for this new start. I've always liked my games to be slightly comedic, and it looks like Blaine is on track to be an awesome DM.
  8. Baltron9000

    Episode 73 β€” Space Ship Attack

    Big fan of Mr. Sark, would love to hear him post mortem this sucker. Can't wait to hear Blaine DM!
  9. Baltron9000

    Episode 71 β€” Dwarves vs. Man Rats

    Ok, buckle up for heavy nerd talk. Feel free to skip this post. *Nerd talk begins* I cannot stand vanilla D&D anymore. I'm new to tabletop gaming, but I've been sampling all that's out there, and straight D&D drives me nuts. There is just too many number and too much going to the books to look things up. I play Dungeon World with my girlfriend and her kids - it's designed to be D&D without the hassle, everything you need is on two sheets of paper. There is no book, it's on a D10 system, there is little to no math. Everything is setup to be fun and fast, and the system has spoiled me. I play FATE core with my friends - the players have a great deal of agency with this system, they have tokens they can spend to affect the narrative and again, little to no math and nothing to look up. After playing these two systems, D&D seems like a slog. I appreciate it because that's where tabletop gaming comes from, but it frustrates me to hear a great DM and great players held back by a boring system. *End nerd talk* I should state for the record that I have slept with women and I do have some muscle mass in my upper body. I'm actually the second nerdiest firefighter on the team.
  10. To quote the good Mr. Pardo, "What a joy!"
  11. Baltron9000

    Episode 173.5 β€” 3/28/14 TWO CHARTED 112

    Hey guys, I'm late to the party, but is that a Swanwoods wooden salad bowl in the pictures? My parents make them! Literally screamed at my screen when I saw that. www.swanwoods.com Its a mom and pop operation, and thanks for your business! Also, AHHHH! That's so cool!
  12. Baltron9000

    Episode 62 β€” Dwarf Surfboard

    Sark, Blaine and Ken were all on Dana Gould's podcast, talking D&D. Very fun chat.
  13. Baltron9000

    Episode 130 β€” Sex Work

    David has some wrong ideas. And he needs to listen, because plenty of people are willing to tell him why he's wrong.
  14. Baltron9000

    What guest do you want to see?