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    We will miss you Harris

    Harris has consistently been my favorite guest on many podcasts, I'm not an emotional guy but hearing about his death made me cry. At the end of the most recent CBB the tribute was so touching and sad that it made me cry AGAIN, jokes that tickle me perfectly and that I quote all the time. As I sat there listening I started to cry thinking about all the humor and enjoyment he wouldn't be able to give us anymore. Then he called from heaven and I cried even harder, only to be struck again by his humor, a mess of laughing and crying and it just makes me sad and happy that he's affected me so much. I'll miss you Harris.
  2. azuretek

    Can't find this great bit I remember

    The twitter theme song was played on the first few episodes, way back in like the first 10 episodes or so.
  3. azuretek

    Can't find this great bit I remember

    Was it the holloween episode with the ghost boy?