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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (1991)

    I love this one, I know that a lot of people don't dig it - but it's special and silly.
  2. Anonymous Coward

    Episode 3 - Ted Cruz Eats Lunch With Jesus

    Paul those pink pants are DOPE
  3. Digging that Catwoman remake, but if I could ask for one movie do-over I think I'd ask for The Last Airbender. They sucked every drop of joy and magic out of the original cartoon. I know Shyamalan is threatening to do sequels... and that really bums me out. I know cartoons aren't for everyone, but if you have any interest I'd say watch the television show because it's pretty great. On a different note, I hope Hugh Jackman's last go around as Wolverine is good, Deadpool makes me think that it's possible. Fingers crossed, eh?
  4. I know!! They are great! All the movies I listed are awesome!! I just picked movies that I've been ragged on for liking.
  5. Anonymous Coward

    Episode 131 - The Covenant

    That was a pretty harsh blow to her folks. I think it was extra funny because it was so unexpected some of these dillweeds pronounce it with a 'cuh' but it's no big deal. I remember the first time I read the word chaos aloud I pronounced it cha-chose.
  6. Very cool idea, wtfMichaeldorn. I have been told I have 'questionable' taste in movies. I prefer the term 'eclectic', personally. There has even been a few HDTGM films that I thoroughly enjoyed (unironically). I actually limited myself to 5 this time around, but I could keep going. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead - My sister hated this movie when we were little and I loved it (and still do) it's impossibly fun. I have a lifelong respect for petty cash because of this movie. The Island - Aha! Michael Bay sci-fi thrill ride. I guess I have a bit of an Ewan McGreggor blindspot, but I love this movie. It's got a lot of good stuff in it and I always want people to give it a chance. She's The Man - No excuses, I just think it's funny. Amanda Bynes was in her weird silly element in this one. I also love Just One of the Guys too, and White Chicks and now I'm thinking if there are any other movies that play with gender roles... Speed Racer - Everything about this movie minus Spritle and Chim Chim. The colours, the cartoon-style action and the talking head wipes... I can't think of anything else like it on such a big scale, but I love it. Center Stage - Give me all the ballet academy melodrama!!
  7. Anonymous Coward

    Episode 131 - The Covenant

    Apologies for spamming the thread with Brendan Fraser He was perfectly cast in The Mummy series, even if it had some questionable sequels and spin-offs he's that perfect roguishly charming mixed with silly, and John Hannah is just a little nugget. Oh yea! it's like a scene straight out of a damn harlequin romance novel. Absurd. Couldn't you just slap him and his stupid pirate-y blouse. . Such a rich filmography, but it is a pretty understandable crush don't you think?
  8. Anonymous Coward

    Episode 131 - The Covenant

    Juicy butts for the win! I think Jason hit the nail on the head when he said it was like a twilight rip-off cash grab. The kid who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies obviously got into some kind of puberty magic. And this isn't a sexy teen movie... but Johnny Depp in that stupid crop top in Nightmare on Elm Street and George of the Jungle had me well and proper hypnotized by Brendan Fraser.
  9. Anonymous Coward

    How did you discover HDTGM?

    I already answered this on a the 'what film got you into the podcast?' thread, but I was just googling Kumail Nanjiani and podcasts because he's delightful and I found the Leprechaun In The Hood episode he appeared on and the rest was history!
  10. For sure they can! He's the ideal guest for a laugh-fueled episode on Torque. It would be totally awesome. And if not Adam Scott then the director, Joseph Khan, would be a great get.
  11. Anonymous Coward

    Bee Movie (2007)

    Has this really not been suggested?! It's totally off centre. The plot, the romantic storyline. It's nuts. I heard there was originally a rap number in the movie that Jerry Seinfeld had Will Smith listen to and Smith made him destroy it because it was so awful.
  12. Anonymous Coward

    Teen Witch

    a dream is a wish your heart makes. This is great, I can't wait for the next episode!
  13. Anonymous Coward

    What songs would be on your HDTGM all star soundtrack

    Your list is perfect so I'm just tacking some more on. Xanadu - Xanadu Techno Syndrome - Mortal Kombat Halycon On & On - Hackers Voodoo People - Hackers... I might just really like electronica and techno Swinging On A Star - Hudson Hawk 9 to 5 - The Love Guru And I thought the soundtrack for All About Steve was the only redeeming thing in the movie.
  14. There's loads of movies that wouldn't exactly jive with the show, but I honestly think that Jason, June and Paul are such pros that they'd squeeze comedy out of the 'worst' bad movies. Maybe if they were forced to review something for a promotional tie-in, that might sap some magic out. Then again, they've had directors, actors and writers from the films on as guests and they are still fun and silly. Hell, I love it when one of the hosts or guests ends up unironically loving the movie. The only episode that I think is different (not bad, just different) is the Wild Wild West one with Kevin Smith, mostly because the flow of that episode focused on the Kevin Smith's (weird and wonderful) story.
  15. Anonymous Coward

    Love Never Dies

    It was a disappointing sequel, not jjust because fan expectations were so high, I don't think anyone was thrilled about how characters were totally rewritten to suit the plot.... but I love hearing Ramin Karimloo belt out . It might be a bit schmaltzy but I am totally on board.