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  1. Great Episode. The "Techno" video is from a movie called "Vibrations" with Christina Applegate. If you have not seen it yet then you must stop whatever you are doing right this second and find a copy of it. It's ridiculously bad and awesome all at the same time. I don't want to spoil anything but that scene changes the blonde guy's life. If you prefer not to watch it or cannot find a copy and would rather have me re-enact key scenes of the movie via forum posts, text messages, email, carrier pigeon or guest spots on improv podcasts I will be happy to do so for $7,000 or a 10.5 to 11" subway sandwich. Whichever.
  2. Clint F

    Episode 188 — Attack of the Shits

    So I am pretty sure at this point that I want Jessica to be my girlfriend.
  3. Clint F

    Episode 187 — Finger Chimes

    Great Ep. Nat was in my favorite Reno 911 episode when he and Clementine were running undercover sting operations on each other. Hilarious. "I'll give you guys a call tonight and wherever we are hanging out I will go over it with you as best friends." I love how Scott throws little things in there that you can easily miss if you aren't paying attention.
  4. "It is a cool tattoo though... Thanks Dad!"
  5. I now want nothing more than to hear an actual old guy ask another old guy "you got static bro?" before I die.
  6. Clint F

    Episode 14 — Gelmania XIV: LIVE at The Smell

    I love listening to Brett and Brian Huskey yell at each other. "Fuck you in hell forever!!"
  7. Cuntalina Hitler.... I totally forgot about that one... It got me twice!
  8. Great episdoe. My basement stairs are the most dangerous things known to mankind and everyone in my house has taken a fall down them at some point. I think from this point forward they shall be known as "the tumble stairs" in the hopes that someone, someday will say "Cool tumble stairs though".
  9. Clint F

    Episode 37 — Calm Down!

    This is a fantastic episode! The part that Jacob mentioned above also got me. There were quite a few little gems in that scene. I love the YouTube videos. I have to say I am not sure how I missed it but thank you so much for the rainbow conspiracy video. Holy shit. I want to be believe so badly that it isn't real for the sake of the human race but I think it is. Great chemistry in this ep. too. Besser is the master at reading the scene and knowing when to let go like the german scene and when to play it straight and guide the others. Lastly, I have always been a fan of Danielle's but I think after this episode she is at the very top of my favorite improv actors list. When she started singing "America" and then turned it into "The Greatest Love" in the army bit I thought I would lose it. Great work.
  10. Clint F

    Episode 85 — Live from Bridgetown 2012

    Great show! I really liked the live vibe and can't wait for the next one. How about one live show per month? I can't think of a better guest for a live show then Gelman. He had me rolling when he was going off on the guy that yelled out his answer.
  11. Great episode. The entire "make him into a man" scene was hilarious. My Dad just sent me out to learn that crap on my own. I feel so short changed now. It has bothered me for quite a few years that I have no repressed scars from childhood to use to employ the services of a therapist. I think my Dad not teaching me to drink or hiring my sister's friends to teach me about sex is a good enough reason. Therapy here I come!
  12. Clint F

    Just saw the first IFC episode

    @ LemonDropKid... That's a freakin' great idea! I would pay money to see that happen. @Skrilley... I forgot about Zach jumping over the couch. That was hilarious. I especially liked how when the camera came back on Scott was sitting there bored and Zach was looking at a book. The complete opposite of what you are used to seeing and I thought it was genius.
  13. Clint F

    Just saw the first IFC episode

    I loved it. It really reminds me of an updated Fernwood 2night which was a fantastic show. I thought everything about the new show was great. I really like the relationship between Scott & Reggie on the show and I like Reggie's interactions and remarks to guest statements. Just a little off and hilarious. It also killed me that everytime they would return from a commercial break Andy Daly would still be blabbering to Zach abouth batteries. Tom Lennon was amazing and Will Forte cracked me up when he kept asking for a medal. Great show and I wouldn't change a thing!
  14. Hello all. Not sure if anyone has pointed this out or not yet but I just came across this great interview with Scott Aukerman on AVclub.com. Thought you may enjoy it. http://www.avclub.co...ut-turni,79968/
  15. Clint F

    New Forum Format

    The new forum looks great guys! I have always liked the look of the Earwolf site and forums but the combination of white text on the dark gray background was very hard on the eyes after a few minutes. This is much easier to look at for extended periods of time and doesn't mess your eyes up when you switch to a page with a white background and dark text. Nice work. Thanks!