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  1. Now that they've done General Content I'm really curious what the rest of the challenges will be. I nominate 'Ability to Generate Hate on the Message Boards' or 'Most Likely to result in people claiming this was fixed.'
  2. I love that the host and guests really do genuinely criticize the participants (after all they are bringing new exposure to all of the podcasts) so in that sense it feels like a genuine competition. It is always painful to listen to the phone calls to the departing 'cast but I think this show really exposes how difficult it is to pitch anything creative b/c yr only going to be given a limited amount of time and they are going to have very little context as to who you are. At the risk of sounding negative, I don't really get why Totally Laime is on here. I listen to and enjoy their show but they clearly have access to guests that are going to get them a lot of hits already. I found them b/c they had guests like PFT, Blaine Kipatch, Aubrey Plaza etc. It's something any comedy nerd or podcast freak (i.e. me) is going to find. And they're not doing anything crazy original (although they nailed their one-sentence pitch). They seem to need this way less. Granted that's how i came across The Little Dum Dums (any PFT guest slot I listen to) as well but that seems to be a much smaller part of what they do as I've enjoyed plenty of their episodes that involve random Aussies who I have no idea who they are. Not trying to rip on Totally Laime (like i said, I'm a listener) but i'd love to know why they were included.