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  1. I think this would be a fun exercise. I would say try to keep it to movies that would make for a good episode and so don't list movies that were just terrible and boring like Ed Gein or something. In order, I would say my top 5 are: 1.) The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - This movie makes no sense and I can't say I've ever been more annoyed by a movie on a scene by scene basis. It ended Sean Connery's career 2.) Gothika -Terse atmospheric drama but if you think about what is actually happening, it is one of the most tasteless and illogical movies ever. The big name cast makes it all the more crazy. 3.) The Mothman Prophecies -"Based on a true story" - all that I need to say 4.) Jade -I think this would make a great episode. Such a legendarily bad movie 5.) Nutcracker 3D -I half-watched this at a family thing a few years ago without knowing anything about it and I felt like my head was going to explode. Just an awful movie but there is so much material in here
  2. I have listened to this Podcast since episode number 1. In fact, I even remember when it was announced and had to look up who Jason was. Since literally before this podcast even aired, I have been calling for the movie that ended Sean Connery's career to be featured on the Podcast. Please, in loving memory, it's time to do this movie!
  3. Snake

    Replicas (2019)

    This is apparently the 3rd worst Metascore film of the year and it is sporting a 9% on RT. The reviews are absolutely brutal. Considering that the #1 and #2 worst movies are the completely tasteless the Haunting of Sharon Tate & that John Travolta movie directed by Fred Durst where he inaccurately plays an autistic stalker, this is be the best choice of the three. The other two are just not as fun to make fun of from what I can tell, but I am not watching those first two under basically any circumstances. Plus this has Middleditch in it and normally that would probably make them shy away, but lord knows that guy doesn't give a fuck. He'd probably even be willing to be the guest.
  4. In honor of resetting my password and unlocking my account, I am bumping this thread I made like 6 years ago. Unfortunately, none of my original 5 movies have been done yet. League of Extraordinary Gentleman is like my own Dorian Grey painting, because until HDTGM does it, I cannot die
  5. So.....are we going to talk about this? Can someone go and watch this and then report back?
  6. Snake

    Episode 183.5 - Minisode 183.5

    It was the worst! I could only keep my save files for like three days, tops. Just leaking data everywhere.
  7. Why is this at the top of the feed? Are we getting a Season 2?????
  8. Snake

    Episode 183.5 - Minisode 183.5

    I want June to do the "I want" speech (ugh that I just had to type out because everyone has only ever heard of this movie, nobody has ever actually seen it). What the fuck is going on? What the fuck is going on??? All my life, I've been careful to stay in my own corner. Lookin out for #1. No complications. Now suddenly, I'm responsible for the ENTIRE FUCKIN WORLD! And everyone and his mother is trying to kill me. If - if - my head doesn't blow up first. (Off camera: Maybe it's not just about you anymore) Listen - you listen to me. You see that city over there? That's where I'm supposed to be. Not down here with the dogs, and the garbage, and the fucking last month's newspapers blowing back and forth! I've had it with them! I've had it with you. I've had it with ALL this.... I WANT ROOM SERVICE! I want the club sandwich. I want the cold Mexican beer. I want a $10k a night hooker! I want my shirts laundered.....like they do....at the Imperial Hotel....in Tokyo. (and scene)
  9. Snake

    Episode 183.5 - Minisode 183.5

    I hope they play the conversation between Keanu and Henry Rollins when Rollins is explaining what data is in Keanu's head in the lab. It's some of the worst acting I've ever heard and I love them both
  10. Snake

    Episode 182.5 - Minisode 182.5

    Just because nobody has posted the name yet, the movie is Ladybugs starring Rodney Dangerfield. This movie is both terrible and super watchable, nice pick. You can straight up just watch the whole thing on YouTube too
  11. I loved Valerian referring to himself as a bad boy lady killer when he's this scrawny little dork
  12. That was fucking great. I don't want to spoil anything though
  13. Snake

    Episode 170.5 - Minisode 170.5

    Sweet they have been a little lackluster on their movie choices lately, good to see this one popping up. I still can't believe that they're doing Ninja Terminator when Jade, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Miami Connection, the Happening, etc are all still out there. Why subject Broad City to that dogshit? Also that song always makes me wish that my friends wrote songs about what good friends we are and then play them live in our city's hottest nightclub.
  14. Snake

    Origin Stories Bonus: Dan Gordon

    Yeah I got to the doctor getting a boner during the robbery and that wasn't even like a top 5 craziest thing
  15. Snake

    Episode 436 - Rich Mind Vain

    I thought Tallman was Tom Hanks when I first saw the picture
  16. Snake

    Delirious (1991)

    This movie is awful but it's totally watchable because Candy was a force. There is no other person in the history of earth who could have carried this. I will go one further and say that even if those weird, quasi-scientific sci-fi theories are true that say that man was seeded here and there are other civilizations of what are essentially humans with massive populations in other galaxies, none of them could have carried this either. And yet, I've watched it like 3 times and will probably watch it again.
  17. This movie is bananas! Starring Cuba Gooding Jr., James Marshall and Brian Dennehy, it's about how Dennehy has a secret underground fighting ring and has scouts just kind of around town that look for local street toughs. One of his scouts sees Marshall's character beat up someone in the streets and invites him to join. Dennehy is a force of nature in this movie, it's great. He has a secret move where he says the crown of the head is the hardest part of the body, so he intentionally gets punched there to break people's hands in fights. The actual fighters / street toughs are hokey, Westside Story types that for example run away from high school teachers when confronted, even though they're ostensibly in their mid 20s. The fights are cartoonish as well, but the whole movie is played really seriously. It's got that great, bad movie juxtaposition of complete and utter unrealistic nonsense happening while everyone is acting really serious. The "boxing" fights involve more kicking, eye gouging and before the bell sucker punches than it does actual, legal boxing. It's getting a 25% on RT. It features Brian Dennehy punching Cuba Gooding like this: Why can't I embed YouTube clips anymore? They always get truncated and then don't embed
  18. This looks terrible
  19. Snake

    Surf Ninjas (1993)

    I like this movie for the podcast mostly because it's just fun to watch. It's a stupid movie, but anybody can sit through the whole thing and not want to gouge their own eyes out like a lot of the picks. There's plenty of material here, too.
  20. I'm glad that this got bumped, I listened to it again for like the 5th time now and it was still super amazing
  21. Snake

    Episode 126.5 - Minisode 126.5

    Wow, there are a lot of people just like hanging out in here. Um, how's it going everybody?
  22. Snake

    The Number 23 (2007)

    This is the exact kind of movie the podcast should be focusing on
  23. Snake

    Bedazzled (2000)

    It's no Encino Man, buuuddddyyy
  24. Snake

    Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002)

    I have had a soft spot for Clive Barker since I was a kid. There was a PBS special that would always run on Barker that I can't find now that made me love him. It had a story about how he volunteered to be the special effects guy for the high school class play (my guess is MacBeth). Anyways, he apparently didn't interact with anyone on the play until opening night and then had the head ready on a platter for the show, but said they could only do it once. So they get to the part in the play when the head is presented and the actor pulls it up and then all this disgusting guts and stuff come pouring out the bottom. The actors all got nauseous and a bunch of people walked out. He was a real inspiration to me as a kid just from that story. I used to make movies with my friends on a cam corder back then and the whole part was to make cool deaths after that.