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  1. This should be right in Bob and Dan's wheelhouse. Even though they have been on the bottom the last couple weeks, they have responded well to coaching and have a track record for producing a wide variety of content. While the F+ can be original, very little of that originality seems to come from the podcasters. They depend on what they can find on the internet. Props to them for their sketch last week, but so many of their entries have just been them reading something with very few comments of worth from the group. If that is really all it takes to be on Earwolf, anybody could do it.
  2. This week all the contestants made good efforts to use guests, especially the podcast that are not usually formated for such content. For being the underdogs, Bob and Dan a really hanging in there and I hope they really do something in the next week or two to get them up to the top of the pile with TL and LDDC who seem nigh-untouchable. F+ will probably go next week for reasons similar to TvZ. I am surprised they have hung on as long as they have. Matt still does not seem to understand their premise, much less the weekly judges. Bob and Dan have shown a great deal of variety and for a couple guys with no entertainment background who record in a Chicagoland basement, they have shown great skill and devotion to quality sound.
  3. Bob and Dan are based out of Chicago. While the BaDcast is not an interview-based show, they have done chats with musicians, authors, and comics. The queen of daytime tv cannot be too far out of their league.
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    Thanks, Caroline. I did not think of it that way.
  5. I also hope that, as the contestants are narrowed down, the judges will be able to render verdicts based on longer segments. The two-minute limit has really hamstrung a few entrants.
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    When the first podcast has been told they're safe and it is down to the last two, could Matt please announce who is safe. but save his notes for them until after the losing podcast has been let go? I just feel so bad for the people like Brett who have to sit there knowing they are done while the safe people are getting talked to. Also, please try to get Jesse Thorn to come back. I would also love to hear Jordan Morris as a judge. Those guys are podcasting gods.
  7. Sorry to hear about your Tim Tam burnout, Bucho. I hope you can eat and enjoy them again someday. Does anyone else think that 2 minutes is not enough time to get a true feel for these podcast segments?
  8. --Anyone here ever done Tim Tam Slams? Its when you get a Tim Tam and some coffee or hot chocolate and then you bite the ends off of the Tim Tam and use it like a straw to suck up the coffee or h.c. Once the Tim Tam is full, you eat it. I like it best with mint Tim Tam and hot chocolate. --Bob and Dan usually have a stinger that they play before the Yahoo Question Answers segment. I guess that they did not include it because of time constraints. --Based on their premise and what I heard in the first week of the Challenge, I tried listening to a full episode of the F+. It only confirmed my belief that their show is not meant for an audience beyond themselves. They seem to know each other so well that they can deal with the poor audio quality and pick up on humor that is missed by outsiders.
  9. Judges have been doing a great job weeding out the weaker contestants. I'm pulling for the underdogs, go Bob and Dan!