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  1. masked man

    EPISODE 258 — Spit It and Quit It

    Howard is so fucking funny. I really wish he'd do a solo podcast or one with just him and stard.
  2. masked man

    24 This American Pie Eating Contest

    What's the irish song that played under the Al Franken story?
  3. haha constructive criticism? I doubt PFT is scouring the forums for advice. I think him and everyone on the show are great talents but i just can't get with the long form, i'm more partial to the conversational/short form aspects. it seemed fairly innocuous to me, but i'll be sure to run all posts by you first from here on out
  4. "i want to like this show so badly.." is a shitty thing to say?
  5. i want to like this show so badly, but alas i cannot
  6. masked man

    EPISODE 353 — Goodbye Reggie!

    eh maybe 1 or 2 good laughs, kind of disappointing considering the lineup
  7. masked man

    Episode 207 — Modeling

    Tig is funny and those bits were funny at one time, but for the love of god let them die
  8. masked man

    Episode 207 — Modeling

    Tig needs to retire the following: "tump" "first of all, congrats" "i got a ham" "walking on air!" and correcting everything anyone says
  9. oh no i've heard complaints from other podcasts about the venue as well, not trying to criticize the production/mixing at all. In fact i find all the production elements to the show really great alternatives to the conventional format. (i.e. Hector's Dispensary)
  10. you can barely hear the audience at UCB sunset shows
  11. masked man

    Episode 207 — Modeling

    so...this chick was molested by that agent right? am i way off base here?
  12. masked man

    EPISODE 348 — Is Y'all My Daddy?

    Cameron Esposito is ggggggggg..GAY?! why have we not heard of this up until now?!
  13. masked man

    Episode 203 — Trauma

    Thanks so much for this episode guys I actually got some great insight
  14. masked man

    EPISODE 228 — Riff Raff the Rapping Dog

    whoever is picking these boring questions needs a good talking to (cody boy)