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  1. It's kind of annoying to hear Matt still trying to define what a recurring segment after three days of talking about it. Here's my take using their SNL example: "Live from New York...", opening monologue, musical performances and weekend update are all part of the structure of the show. They happen every week and are the things that separate the show from Mad TV or any other sketch show. The reoccurring sketches seem more "refillable," just have Pat go to a Chinese restaurant or have the Spartan cheerleaders cheer about water polo. As far as the contestants go, I think Totally Laime will win and be a pretty good fit at Earwolf. Pretty sad to see Hamil go, he seemed to have a lot of potential and just needs some guidance (by which I mean I listened to his podcast and thought he had some funny sketches that just needed some editing). Plus, I think Earwolf needs some more short podcasts.