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  1. Brady

    Episode 31 — Fear

    Am I the only one who has no idea what knockout ball is but really wants to play?
  2. Brady

    The Last Song

    Unsurprisingly Miley Cyrus can't handle a dramatic role...or any role for that matter. The film actually culminates with Miley's ex-boyfriend walking into her dad's funeral in the middle of the ceremony just as a light shines in through a stained-glass window her dad had made and she says, "Hi Daddy." HOLY FUCK this is a bad movie. It's got a twenty percent on rotten tomatoes and I was actually an extra in this movie look for me in the background of the random volleyball tournament montage that got thrown in the middle of another montage and right after some shit about sea turtles. Also for some reasons there's fireballs.
  3. It was awesome recording this. I came off as an ass-kissing idiot and I was giggling like a school girl through the whole thing, but it was really fun. I loved the show and can't wait for season 2!
  4. Brady

    Top 5 CBB/CDR Moments

    -The Courtroom scene starring everyone as Greg Linstrom -Good One Robot -Dame Sir ALW -Ice Tea Joins the Enigma Force 5 and Scott says: Why have you been watching Huell Howser pretending to be a wolf pretending to be a sheep down in Mexico when he should be doing all that in California....is that my question? -August Lindt proposing that the annoying dog is actually a man and how he can incorporate the dog into his suicide plan.
  5. Brady

    Episode 123 — No Scoop for You

    "Hey ho jump off the roof and into the pool and get paralyzed" Best rap battle ever.
  6. Brady

    Episode 14 — Robots (good. one.)

    Easily my favorite episode yet. The combination of the water jug, exhausted fireman, good one robot, and the classic "going to the mall is crazy!" bit made me laugh harder than ever. GOOD ONE, Team Blastoff, GOOD ONE.