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  1. Thank you for all the great shows Matt, Earwolf, and all the improvisers. Hope the cut from Amazon on this keeps things going. Thanks again!
  2. BenjaminNimmons

    Episode 11 — Balancing Time

    Jeff, you want a way to send voice messages instead of bonafide voicemails - it exists and it's really easy, and very useful to get a point across instead of indulging an email or text exchange. Your iPhone has an application called Voice Memo, comes stock, and you can use it to email, MMS, or iMessage a voice memo. That's it. Use it, it's super.
  3. BenjaminNimmons

    Episode 8 — Consumerism

    Dave, check out Pinstagram on your computer. You need an Instagram account to use it and then you can see snapshots of your kids' instagrams and those of the people they're connected to if you connect with them too. It's less invasive than picking up their phone, still involved, think you'd like it.
  4. John this is good, congrats and thanks.
  5. BenjaminNimmons

    Bruce Jenner's ringtones

    Hi, last time Bruce Jenner was on at the end of the Country he said he had a new ringtone on iTunes, couldn't find it, then said it was called "My name is Bruce," and a second that may have been called "Olympic Reality Star." Can anyone corroborate whether these exist? Thanks big! -Henderson-
  6. BenjaminNimmons

    Purgatwitter is Buffer!

    Morning Sklar Brothers, on County 10, 16:48-in, Dan Van Kirk decreed there oughta be a firm that holds onto tweets a while so you can think about what you just wrote. It exists! Albeit not with all the features idealized, Buffer is an application for browsers and phones that takes a tweet and keeps it in a queue till an optimum time when the most followers you have are likely to read it. Check it out, it's a great way to increase your tweets' reads. For the compulsive tweeter it's gratifying to know that each one will get the highest possible exposure. Slap that stream, waterfall punched, Hendersonly yours, Ben
  7. BenjaminNimmons

    Episode 45 — Walking The Room

    Jeff I am in that 92%, I am at Carnegie Mellon University. That show did. Joy run too long, I really like your content, the WalkingTheRoom guys are my weekend pleasure, Earwolf is my week-long mainstay, and when you decide how to drive revenue for the company, I'll support it however I can. It's an important thing you do, chin-up.
  8. BenjaminNimmons

    Episode 37 — What\'s It Like At Earwolf?

    Hi Jeff, thanks for the episode. I jump in on your show once in a while, which isn't often, but when I do it's always interesting to me that it's not about entertainment but about the process, and how interesting that actually is. My regards for your recent family developments, across the board. I recognize everything you're responsible for is challenging. Thank you also for starting Earwolf and committing to continue running it. Your company turns out excellence in terms of content and delivery, e.g. the website and the applications. In determining how to make Earwolf profitable I recommend doing what NPR does by signing advertisers where it makes sense and doing pledge drives. Further, the spots recorded for NPR by Alec Baldwin last drive were great ways to catch the ears of people who wanted to donate but never did. Getting creative with a pledge drive at Earwolf could have the same sparking effect. Regardless, I really appreciate the work you do. I look forward to every Monday when I get a new Comedy Bang Bang, Who Charted? and Sklarboro Country. There are others I check in on too but I like what one of the Sklars said during one of their early shows, that Earwolf is a great place where "Maybe you don't like everything there is here, but you like something, and you can be part of the community," referencing different styles and content of comedy here. You do great work and most of the time it is flawless (except when my Earwolf application acts up on my iPhone, which is not a complaint, just a baffling constant). However you choose to continue showcasing the shows at Earwolf, I will follow with headphones & wallet in-hand. Tell us what we need to do and let's do it.