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    I would love for Jason and Scott to act out some of the more dramatic scenes from the show Lost, then release it as youtube videos or a podcast or, alternatively: A podcast hosted by Jason that goes through every episode of the show, breaking them down and discussing the mythology, logic, and relationships in each. He just seems to have such strong opinions about how the show was great but also infuriating, I think it would be fun to flush out more of his ideas. Here is a small sampling of his thoughts about Lost via CBB, DLM, and HDTGM and I'm fairly confident there's plenty more where that came from I mean, if I'm shooting for the moon, ideally I would love to someday be on a flight, and Mantzoukas happens to be the person sitting next to me, and like maybe we're flying to a small ski town and keep running into each other all week in a rom-com sort of way, but this Lost idea is something more people can enjoy, and I'm a (wo)Man of the People Coat.
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    The Dalton Wilcox Challenge

    Saw this at the local library. Perhaps Dalton has a like-minded relative who is also an author? (*officially requesting Jessica St. Clair to play Charlotte Wilcox, author of Mummies, Bones, and Body Parts*)
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    The Dalton Wilcox Challenge

    Well, I don't know about any city slickin' stores that sell books, but this fits in nicely with my home collection
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    Episode 77 — Hudson Hawk

    Nundercover would be great in a double feature with Spy Pope, the thriller Paul F. Tompkins pitched to John Lithgow on Doug Loves Movies "Spy Pope! That’s right, I said Spy Pope. Who would ever suspect the pope of being a spy? Zero people would. He could be taking all kinds of pictures with his hat or whatever. He could be wearing a wire. He’s got all that shit going on, who knows what he’s got in there?" (x)
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    The Devil's Advocate and The Adventures of Pluto Nash
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    Because the land in this movie is fucking sexy... Throw that land up on a pinball machine, get down to business accused-style on that land. (Birdemic)
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    What’s with Adam Scott and checkered shirts? Party Down, Parks & Rec, and Piranha. Okay. Here we go... Paul’s character existed in one shot and didn’t exist in the next. What? They ran out of money for cgi, sure, but even having someone say 'hey, I think that guy fell in' would have at least somewhat explained this. I love that the grown-ups in the movie played it so straight. Especially Adam Scott. Like when he takes off in the jet ski, then comes back and despite having ZERO knowledge about the sheriff’s kids being in trouble (or that she even has kids), he announces “I’m coming with you!” (And for some reason says it in an Australian accent…) Strangely, one of my biggest issues with implausibility of the movie is that a bunch of college spring breakers are at a party that is in FULL SWING at 10:00 in the morning. I take issue with this for a number of reasons. 1) Even if this was the first day of spring break, presumably they arrived the day before, in which case they would have partied the night before and not be up and awake and ready to party bright and early the next morning. 2) Did anyone writing for this movie go to college? The timeline of the day doesn’t fit at all. For a party to be that rowdy by 10:00 am, people would have had to get up around 7:00 am. They would have gotten breakfast (likely just a sleeve of ritz crackers), spent some time getting ready (those girls were completely made up), then met up with their friends and pre-funked in their rooms for a solid 2 hours before hitting the lake. Trust me. I was in a sorority, I know how these things go. 3) I’m sure they just had to do that to give themselves enough daylight for shooting. Anyway… That girl’s hair got so tangled in the propeller that it ripped her face off, but when the boat capsizes there’s no hair in the propeller. Does cocaine really stick to people’s faces like that, or is that a movie thing? That’s all. I actually did really enjoy the movie. Its just funny when lack of funding results in major continuity issues. I understand if you can never do this movie on the podcast, but it would be pretty awesome if you did.