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  1. zaprowsdower

    Why did they change the theme song?

    I like the new theme. I don't like Ribelin2000.
  2. zaprowsdower

    Episode 84 — No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    Glad that someone commented that the actor that played Jacob was Rip's little brother. Paul said he noticed but I was surprised he didn't point it out earlier.
  3. zaprowsdower

    junes pregnant!!!

    AW! That's awesome.
  4. zaprowsdower

    Episode 203 — NPR

    I wasn't referring to Andrew rather Chelsea from California - the caller.
  5. zaprowsdower

    Episode 203 — NPR

    This is one of those calls where I think the caller is trying too hard to be down and is failing. Listeners of NPR aren't all white and upperclass. I would venture that all of the people of color I know listen to This American Life. Am I less black because I listen to NPR and found that Harper High School piece informative, poignant, and heartbreaking? I should ask Andrew if people assuming that people of of color don't like NPR, craft beer, and independent films is racist. Oh wait, I don't even have to ask.
  6. zaprowsdower

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    What happened the kids that Fin wasted time repelling down to rescue?
  7. zaprowsdower

    Episode 146 — Phoenix's "Entertainment"

    You were going to say that the discussion was silly before watching what was being discussed? I'm glad you rethought that excellent plan.
  8. zaprowsdower

    Episode 153 — The Native American Costume

    Though I agree with your general response, members of Five Civilized Tribes (particularly Cherokee Nation) did own slaves and were often hired to catch runaway slaves. It's a complicated history (the Seminoles saw slavery very differently than others and often intermarried) and it's certainly different than the systematic oppression that white people have done to...everyone, but just FYI, I guess.
  9. zaprowsdower

    Hemlock Grove

    No. American Horror Story is a million times better than this.
  10. zaprowsdower

    Hemlock Grove

    At first, I sort of enjoyed the badness of Hemlock Grove but I eventually turned it off. The robot dialogue, really really bad acting, meandering plot, and hilarious lack of sense of time made it just terrible. I guess it would be kind of fun to hear them talk about it but I feel like it falls into just bad not fun to watch category.
  11. zaprowsdower

    Episode 59 — Spice World

    Exactly. Just look up golliwogg. And on topic: I enjoyed the episode.
  12. zaprowsdower

    Episode 42 — Batman & Robin

    Cast and crew talk candidly about the movie - http://io9.com/batman-and-robins-cast-and-crew-sit-down-to-eviscerate-471723323
  13. zaprowsdower

    Episode 115.5 — 2/15/13 Two Charted 54

    Found it: http://open.spotify.com/user/1239605808 For anyone who wants it/easy way to follow kulap on there
  14. zaprowsdower

    Episode 115.5 — 2/15/13 Two Charted 54

    Anyone have a link to the playlist or kulap's spotify name?
  15. That shit is racist and wack. I'm looking at you Karmin.