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    Episode 5.3 — Using the Guest: Day 3

    My ultimate frustration with the judges' apparent love of the Laimecast, is that I feel like these people don't need the help. I don't know how they're as well-connected as they are, but when you're already pulling prominent comics and have "made it" as much as a podcast really can, I don't see what would be special about them winning. I came into listening to this with big love for Bret Hammil. While I'm sad to see him go, I've found a new favorite in the wonder that is "The F+ Podcast." I was on the edge of my seat this week when they were in the bottom three, and I'm thrilled they've been given another chance. My fear for them, is that their concept is extremely original, and if you haven't heard it executed fully, you're missing out on something really great. The Laimecast and Little Dum Dum Club are lovely, but they're a very familiar format which I'd be hard pressed to distinguish from most other radio or podcast shows out there. I"m sure you'll all get the pleasure of me whining more about this later.