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    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    Try not to describe live experiences before he goes to a show. This just alienates people and makes it feel like a cult, when in reality, a lot of the antics that goes on at shows are there just because... From the outside looking in, non-phans will try to justify and reason, but we all know that there's no necessity to do that. If Scott actually experiences a live show, he may or may not like it, but it's ultimately up to the individual to experience it themselves. 'Cause when it comes down to it...can control for smilers ever really be bought? I don't like being a downer, but this may be difficult to do over an in-home podcast. Take some clip-on mics and go to a show!!! Interview phans - "In three words, how would you describe Phish?" Check out Shakedown - Why are people whispering in my ear?!?! The Show - Beach balls?! Glowsticks?! Silent noooooote. WILLLSOOOOOOOOOOOOON The difficulty with Phish is that it pervades based on memetics. It's all an inside joke until you get the joke! Experience the joke, don't explain it.