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    The Funniest Hosts Not Playing a Character

    Howard Kremer and Scott Aukerman never fail to make me laugh.
  2. ScottyKD

    Podcast Listening Habits

    If I like a podcast I'll listen to every episode of it. And then if there's a podcast I don't generally like but the guest I think is really funny (Michael Ian Black, Sarah Silverman, Scott Aukerman, Louis C.K.) I'll listen to that specific episode. I generally don't skip guests I haven't heard of but I have, although rarely, skipped guests I know I don't like (Carlos Mencia, Andrew Dice Clay, Larry the Cable Guy, Martin Lawrence). And if I like a podcast enough to listen to more than two-three episodes then I probably wont stop listening to it, I haven't yet... with the exception of Mike Detective, but that's just because there haven't been any new episodes... which makes me sad.