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  1. m0nastic

    Episode 400 - The War on Surfing

    My dream is to have Mantzoukas record Talkin' 'Tang with someone else playing a character as the person he just finished having sex with.
  2. I'm only ~15 minutes in, but so far Amy Poehler has made me cackle like an idiot at least 10 times. She really is hilarious.
  3. "My Principal asphyxiated while he was jerking it. Maybe it was murder." -- hahahahaha, that made me laugh so hard. This is great, people. Truly great.
  4. m0nastic

    Episode 7 — Ronna and Beverly

    This is how everyone I grew up with's parents are.
  5. m0nastic

    Episode 128 — Coach? Coach? Coach?

    I thought this episode was awesome; although I was slightly disappointed to have found Harris's Foam Corner jokes funnier than normal (I think they're best when they're terrible). Thank you for everyone's hard work, I'm still amazed by how much incredibly funny content gets released every week.
  6. m0nastic

    Episode 37 — Guest Vocalist: Ben Garant

    Another awesome episode. Harold talking about "shame" might be the funniest thing I've ever heard on here (and that's saying a lot).
  7. m0nastic

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    The show was great, I could listen to Harris and Scott argue about anything. The only thing that surprised me was that it took so long for Scott to comment about how awful of a singer Trey is. His voice makes me want to murder children.