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    Episode 119 — Andi Callahan, RN

    Andy Daly might be my favorite character guest on CBB. My favorite character of his is probably Don DiMello, but this episode was also great. Gillian Jacobs was great too.
  2. ...or whatever

    Episode 117 — Can\'t Never Did Nothing

    @c b "Sam was suspiciously knowledgeable about ultimate frisbee for just a "character."' Yeah, he was pretty well-informed about the sport. "Spirit of the Game", 15 point games with a halftime at 8. Obviously Chad Carter either did his research, or more likely he's played the sport himself at at least a semi-organized level. As a (not very good) ultimate player myself, it was pretty cool to see new character Sam Darling as an "ultimate player" and I had to register to comment on this one. But all my frisbee-related geekiness aside, this was a great episode as always. David Cross is hilarious (probably my favorite character on "Arrested Development"). I honestly don't think that Cross wasn't enjoying himself, even if he was the biggest star there. He worked with Aukerman on "Mr. Show", so they've obviously known each other for years. I'm pretty sure that Cross' occasionally dismissive attitude towards Scott was just an act.