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    Episode 129 — Comedy Fang Fang

    In all fairness, he didn't know I'd be there to shoot, and was headed to the gym right after the recording... also Jon Daly having to weave his magic with his dad in the room behind him, not that he said anything remotely close to the colorful rap Gelman said at the end of the show.
  2. liezl

    Episode 129 — Comedy Fang Fang

    Hey, I photographed this episode... I'm not sure if this forum supports photos, so here's the link:
  3. liezl

    Add Your Artwork!

    I guess I'll post this here. I made this illustration when Scott initially told the story of What's Up Hot Dog on Never Not Funny 2 years ago(?)... well last month I finally did something with it. Scott now owns that shirt, and if you're in Chicago and eat at Hot Dougs, you can see one of the stickers I made on the pop cooler by the register. In a perfect world, where I had $2000, that sticker would smell like a hot dog when you scratched it. [attachment=4517,94] [attachment=4517,95]