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  1. I've listened to this episode 3 times since it came out and now I have every song from the ep stuck in my head
  2. sludgefeast

    Episode 539 - The Pointing Sisters

    The way ACH called the podcast listeners "viewers" and then Scott said "well, listeners" made me miss Mike and Tom Eat Snacks
  3. sludgefeast

    Episode 184 - Johnny Mnemonic: LIVE!

    It's impressive how much mileage Jason gets out of his egg allergy.
  4. I am constantly amazed that Jess McKenna isn't an elementary school teacher, but I'm very glad we got her instead of some stupid fucking kids.
  5. sludgefeast

    Episode 536 - Live from SXSW 2018

    I don't care what audiences think, I want to hear more Christian Slater references.
  6. sludgefeast

    Episode 536 - Live from SXSW 2018

    I love b-b-b-bonus-s-s-s eps and I love James Adomian and I love that he's been on more often recently and I love you and I'm in love with you.
  7. sludgefeast

    Episode 535 - Niles Per Hour

    The Confederacy of The Dunces (The)
  8. sludgefeast

    Episode 534 - Solid As A Rock

    New No-No! If you won't like New No-Nos, then I WILL!
  9. sludgefeast

    The Season 2 Teaser Episode

    I'm bad at reacting to things but I think I'm excited about this?
  10. sludgefeast

    Episode 533 - Is That Chocolate, Or What?

    Jergen's laugh is so beautiful and not at all like the death rattle of an infant
  11. sludgefeast

    25 - Chronic Town

    Oh my god FINALLY I never thought I'd live to see the day where I got to learn the names of the members of REM!!
  12. sludgefeast

    Episode 531 - Atmosphere Bully

    Todd Glass is my favorite lighting-based comedian.
  13. sludgefeast

    Episode 530 - Zoom Zoom

    Was that Donk I heard? Good to hear from you, Donk
  14. sludgefeast

    Episode 527 - Hootie Hoo

    Required viewing for all Shaun Diston fans (which should be everybody): https://youtu.be/yGaXpz8WesI?t=780 go to 13:00 in if the link doesn't work right
  15. sludgefeast

    Episode 526 - Air Lift Me Out

    Both times I've listened to this episode, when Ben says "Tell me how you wipe, Shelly", I immediately tried to make it into a song in my head, but was beaten to it by Scott. I've been listening to this podcast for so long that I can't remember if I've always been this way or if I've been trained to think this way by Scott. Is this what being in a cult is like?