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  1. YIKES! http://www.foxnews.com/story/2008/09/18/michigan-woman-will-be-jailed-for-fatal-dog-attacks.html
  2. mobo

    EPISODE 230 — 29 Forever?

    Leave it to Stard to make cooler heads prevail. Let me just say again, I love this show (ALL of it), I'm just overprotective of Mr. Motorcycle I guess....
  3. mobo

    EPISODE 230 — 29 Forever?

    Don't get me wrong, I love Ku, and she's a very important part of why I love Whoch and Twoch. But sometimes, she seems to use Howard as some kind of foil when certain guests are in studio. Meaning, she takes things that have been discussed previously (such as space v. ocean, crazy make-'em-ups or movie length, etc.) and treats them as weird curiosities in these rare moments. Rather than the "That's just our crazy Howard" attitude of, say, your average Twooch episode. Once again, I love KU!!! And this is not a critique. It just makes me sad to hear mommy and daddy fight.
  4. mobo

    EPISODE 230 — 29 Forever?

    There are some shows where Kulap would rather portray Howard as an idiot to the guest. This is one of those shows. This guest, in particular, seemed to have a bond with the show and with Howard and Kulap seemed to be in overdrive to pick out the things that Howard does on a normal basis that make the show what it is. It reminds me of the people that would be your friend unless there was someone else around, but only insult you in public. It makes me sad....
  5. mobo

    Episode 203 — Trauma

    It's episodes like this that make me sooooo glad I don't live in California. EMF elimination...it must be nice to not ever have anything to worry about.
  6. "Life is treacherous, man. Things are going along, all the sudden I hear Drake whistling."
  7. mobo

    EPISODE 222.5 — 3/06/15 TWO CHARTED 161

    "Work....my horn."
  8. mobo

    EPISODE 222 — Suit City

    I've said it before, and now that it's been brought up, I'll say it again: GET MC CHRIS ON THIS SHOW! Surely Gemberling has a phone number...
  9. mobo

    EPISODE 220.5 — 2/20/15 TWO CHARTED 159

    "I like to mark a book up, so I can see where the learnings are." -H. Kremer
  10. mobo

    We will miss you Harris

    I'm listening to old Harris podcasts today rather than focus on work. It makes me so sad to lose a member of the Earwolf community, whether I knew them personally or not. He was so young and had such an amazing future ahead of him. He, and his future foam corners, will be missed. R.I.P. Harris.
  11. mobo

    EPISODE 219 — Live From Cobb's Comedy Club

    These live shows are always wheels off. Howard's frenetic energy and desire to entertain the live audience always cause stutter-step conversations, Kulap confusion, and just plain awkward statements. I love it. The audience's reaction to "Fuck Fruitvale" had me cringing in my seat, and I was laughing out loud at Howard's attempt to backtrack and explain. I've been a Chartist since day one, and if I go to a live show and don't get a front row seat, someone's getting "The Bugle" pounded out on their head!
  12. mobo

    Episode 184 — Reader Mail

    "I constantly want to change my screen name due to things said on the shows" -Nana Smelly-in-her-panties
  13. "Snake Break" made me think, for a fleeting second, that we might get the bastardized return of the "Plane Break" that we had all been waiting for.
  14. mobo

    Episode 28 — The Hooray Show

    I want a weekly Horatio podcast with Chris Kattan as sidekick. His stories are great, and I'm not sure if he has the wherewithal to know not to tell them on a podcast.
  15. mobo

    Episode 28 — The Hooray Show

    I've heard of "Hooray for Hollywood", but "Hooray for Horatio"? Yes, hooray for Horatio. Yes, indeed.