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  1. mobo

    Episode 157.5 — 12/06/13 TWO CHARTED 96

    Great...now I'm going to be having dreams all week about going down on Kulap's chart.
  2. I'm sure the Cracked gang knew that there would be some strong feelings from listeners on this episode, so I'm trying to keep my thoughts concise. I had to mostly laugh off The Beatles argument because there were many unspoken arguments to a majority of the points brought up (due, I'm sure, to the fact that it can't be a 2 hour podcast arguing if The Beatles are good or not). That being said, I can listen to The White Album on a loop, but can't turn off "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" fast enough. I think that some of the "silliness" can speak to their artistic interests at the time. Much how their later work had the strong Indian influence that some people can't stomach. But then, I guess not everyone can be Brother Ali and write brilliant, thought provoking music that will last and maintain popularity (as well as cause emotional discussions) for over 60 years.
  3. A"dumb" Pulley is ABSOLUTELY a prankster. He got me good that time I was enjoying an Ironed Man movie, and he popped up and ROONED IT!!!!
  4. Is Sean here? I'm asking for a friend.
  5. I write a Conservative blog I cleverly named, "The Write Stuff"...and now I feel like a total idiot.
  6. Candy corn? More like Candy PORN! Are you trying to tell me those things AREN'T supposed to be Witch Nipples?
  7. P.F.T. + Whooch = my favorite thing ever. and I have a child.
  8. mobo

    Episode 150.5 — 10/18/13 TWO CHARTED 89

    Cody: "Dou you like Bruno Mars?" Howard: "You'll shut it."
  9. mobo

    Episode 150.5 — 10/18/13 TWO CHARTED 89

    I have a totally different opinion of Cody's dad after this episode.
  10. mobo

    Episode 127 — Luck

    Oh, and yelling at Aaron is the best thing ever.
  11. mobo

    Episode 127 — Luck

    I feel bad that Kyle is taking everyone's hatred for Kurt Metzger personally. The reason I felt compelled to say something about that episode was because even though this show is FULL of misinformation, it's always with the intention to learn more about the subject or to be funny. Metzger was just being an unfunny doucebag. Kyle keeps comparing him to Archie Bunker. You weren't supposed to like Archie Bunker. He was an idiot that said stupid things. And usually, the things he said came back to him in a way that showed that his beliefs were unfounded. I think "shock humor" can be funny as well, but there has to be a point. Kyle, I think you're awesome. You interviewed the "comedian" that sits next to you in the writer's room. I'm not mad at you that it didn't go well. p.s. the reason I didn't skip the episode was because YOU were on it. I was willing to endure some B.S. to keep hearing my sweetie's solo episode. Let's just never mention it again.....alright?
  12. mobo

    Episode 8 — Lyndon B. Johnson

    I love this podcast.
  13. mobo

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    I still don't like Eric Andre.
  14. We review the audio AND visual content of Ipodcasts. I'm Sr. Editor of the popular weekly article "Did You SEE That?" where I talk to the hosts and creators of popular Ipodcasts, and ask them how they come up with the amazing pictures that accompany their shows. I didn't drop you guys a line about "The Hollywood Handguide" because your picture is a book that says "Hollywood Handguide". I'm pretty sure I get it. I've been doing this for a while... The "Club" part comes from all the sandwiches we eat.
  15. I really want to enjoy this podcast, but most times I just find it too scary. It's not enough that I already have to think about wolves nipping at my ears while I listen to my favorite Ipodcasts (Comedy Ping Pong, Who Started?, and Dr. Liftoff just to name a few...), but now I have to be concerned about yelling out in terror while listening at work. My coworkers have asked me, on multiple occasions, what I'm listening to but I'm just too terrified to tell them. Please, Mr. Hayes and Sean Hayes, correct this as soon as possible. p.s. I work for the A.V. Club web site on the internet. p.p.s. Can you please ask Mr. Blake Anderson who comes up with the funny ideas for his Comedic Central show? They are SCARILY funny! (Just kidding, they are just funny. Hope that didn't frighten you! ) I'll hang up and listen to the answer! BYEEEEEEEEE!
  16. mobo

    Episode 249 — Ice Cold STaB

    Mr. Odenkirk is that band that I love that everyone is just now finding out about. I love/hate it. The man opens his mouth and funny falls out.
  17. mobo

    Episode 248 — Todd's Life 2.0

    Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak willed.
  18. mobo

    Episode 248 — Todd's Life 2.0

    After listening to multiple podcast appearances, I can honestly say that I am not a fan of Eric Andre. He always seems (to me) like he's trying way to hard. Not trying to troll or be "that guy"...just wanted to put that out there.
  19. I think the Mayor from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull kicks Mayor Larry Vaughn's ass every day of the week! I thought I recognized that guy...
  20. mobo

    Episode 148.5 — 10/4/13 TWO CHARTED 87

    I love Kulap's show idea for Howard! They could call it "Howard Kremer's Version of Paul Provenza's Green Room"!
  21. mobo

    Episode 148 — Young Randolph Mantooth

    "Of all the challenged people, [stevie Wonder]'s the best one. Is that true? If I said to you, Name the best artistic person who's missing one of the five senses, who's going to beat Stevie Wonder? Jose Feliciano? Doubt it. My friend J.R. who can't smell? Doubt it." - Howard Kremer
  22. mobo

    Episode 124 — Big Questions

    I feel bad for Kurt Metzger. All he wants is for the UCB to give him $20 to spew his unfunny nonsense. And with his track record of writing for cancelled Comedy Central shows, I'm sure he really needs that $20 bucks. Good Luck testing out your AIDS theories, Kurt!
  23. mobo

    Episode 147.5 — 9/27/13 TWO CHARTED 86

    "This is from the other day. Sandals...Candles...Handos...Cramholes." - H. Kremer
  24. mobo

    Episode 147.5 — 9/27/13 TWO CHARTED 86

    "Don't rape anybody because I can't talk right." - H. Kremer