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    Episode 42 — Good/Bad New Music

    Re: Shots Fired Sex Ed - Either I got that Method Man super sperm or the pull-out method isn't as foolproof as you guys claim. Now you know a little about my life
  2. Hey, good episode as always! I was thinking, you bordered on the topic of sexism in hip-hop with Rick Ross, but I think it would be interesting if you talked about it head on sometime, you know? I don't mean to accuse you of sexism, but you've only had male guests so far and having a female rapper or producer on to talk about their experiences or even the HUGE history of women in hip-hop would be pretty interesting to listen to. Personally, I think sexism in hip-hop is one of those areas where a large part of the audience really WANTS there to be a shift, but there's an equally large part that wants hip-hop to keep being about gaybashing, bragging about fucking sluts, accusing the other rappers to not be a real man and, let's be honest, rape. If you don't want to talk about it because it's too infected, I get it, but why not adress the elephant in the room, you know? Especially since being progressive about sexism is hip-hop is probably the best way to get those female podcast fans you want.
  3. Svenska Handelsbanken means The Swedish Trade Bank btw.
  4. Hey, I'm sure you didn't mean it like that, but this is sort of creepy.
  5. Great episode, but nothing made me laugh more than The New York Sons of Slams. Play ball!
  6. I love this movie. It's so unashamedly bad that you cannot view it seriously. The end part when they're dressing us as ladies to try to make him smoke four-leaved-clovers? Beyond logic.
  7. Ale

    Episode 21 — Honor

    Thanks for not taking advantage of drunk people. It sounds pretty bad that all your friends thought you should have done it.
  8. "Sex and the Sopranos"
  9. "Sex and the Sopranos"
  10. There is a point to the fact that most of these podcasts have been malecentric though. And as has been said several times, it's this 2-3 guys talking about guystuff content that just doesn't stick out, even among these 10 contestants. The Fort, Television Zombies, The Complete Guide to Everything and Bob and Dankind of became the same show for me mentally, since there is very little to differentiate them with. "Oh, right those were the one's that talked about a mini-bigfoot. No, it were those guys. No..." Do people listen to Totally Laime because they want to hear a woman? No, but having a woman on the show breaks the mold and makes the content a bit fresher and more universal in my opinion. I can't put my finger on it, but I must honestly say that Bob and Dan feels like it could use a female co-host, bring it out of the boy's room. The cool thing about The Dum Dum Club is that even though they are two guys with other male hosts they never seem to get stuck in the videogame/sci-fi-swamp and at the same time doesn't go all "bro"-comedy. And this is coming from a pretty nerdy person.
  11. Honestly I'm conflicted on F+. On one hand they have a solid concept down and they've showed over and over again that they have a LOT of material to go on. Having an hour of material is also much more indictive of the quality of the show than these 3 minute clips, so it's hard to compare. On the other hand, as it has been said, is it just going to be them riffing on a sexual fetish for x minutes? Unless they bring something besides reading forum posts in funny voices, I don't know if I'll stick around. There's a reason why that kind of comedy is usually in written form and not read aloud with laughter along side it. They say that they go into discussions and the reasons behind it, but they've never really demonstrated that, have they? Why not use a 3 minute clip of them having a discussion on adult sissies instead of reading something weird off the internet and expect everyone to "get it"? That said, Bob & Dan was by far the weakest of the bottom 3. I don't need more videogame references in my life and I sure as hell don't need them spouted out like a lightning round of "Catch that Reference".