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  1. Splatweasel

    Character Drawings

    Dida bunch of sketches of the group.So spam inc. Love the show.
  2. Splatweasel

    Episode 97 — Santa Anas!

    This show fucking sucks.
  3. Splatweasel

    Episode 41 — The Chris Gethard Show

    Damn, Caroline is a fox. Is she single? I'd love to take her out on an ideal date.
  4. Splatweasel

    Episode 46 — Margaret and Al

    My god after this podcast I'm a fucking fan of Eddie Pepitone. FUCK YEAH MARGARET AND AL ON ACID!!!
  5. Splatweasel

    Episode 88 — Vanity Plates! Incest!

    I gotta say this show is pretty shitty. Matt Besser is of course fucking awesome but these two are a complete fucking bore.
  6. Splatweasel

    Episode 38 — The Return of Suit McGoo