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    I don't remember much about this movie (except for the preposterous physics), but I feel like "The Loom of Fate" could be discussed for an hour by itself.
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    Maybe this is too easy a target, but I thought that there were a couple of points that would be worthy of the HDTGM treatment: The destucto-balls that are unleashed on Hawaii,... not only do they avoid children, but they are never acknowledged again after destroying a freeway and a couple of helicopters. The USS Missouri,... apparently mothballed with full fuel and armament. Another entry in the "aliens with an incredibly simple weakness" category,... rather than water or microbes, this time they are vulnerable to sunlight. Not unlike the mogwai.
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    Episode 17 — Skyline

    Love the podcast, but what was up with the audio in this one? It sounded like someone was shuffling a deck of cards near the mic.