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    Episode 1605 - Graham Elwood

    Re: "Hotlanta" I can't speak to how much of a pioneer Tom Jones may have been in using "Hotlanta", but the first time I ever heard the phrase was on my dad's .38 Special album (Rock & Roll Strategy) which has a song called "Hotlanta", but the Internet tells me that the Allman Brothers Band had a song with the same name as early as 1971. Searching Google Books the term really explodes in the 1990s, but prior to that it seems like it was used a lot by CB Radio aficionados in the 1970s (despite not being in "Convoy") and then was the name of an annual gay festival in Atlanta in the 1980s through the 21st century. The *earliest* reference I could find to Hotlanta was in a 1949 journal of tree science. How Tom Jones discovered the term remains an intriguing mystery. Also really surprised that Jimmy doesn't own the same late 1980s .38 Special albums my Dad does, given the massive overlap in their record collections.
  2. Chris Eckert

    Episode 38 — The Return of Suit McGoo

    Echoing the kudos for the continuing discourse on Math Rock. But when it was announced that indie nerds came at H&K, I assumed it was going to be for mixing up Washed Out (the "band" name) and Within & Without (the album name). I guess chillwave fans are more laid back than math rock enthusiasts. I also thought the most infuriating part about that Santa x M&Ms ad is that Santa Claus was there to DELIVER PRESENTS TO THE M&Ms and he was shocked to see that they really exist. If Santa doesn't even know for sure if the people he delivers presents to are real or not, how can you trust him to keep proper track of naughty/nice status?