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  1. Wisconsin Life - Wienermobile So many hot dog puns in a Wisconsin Public Television piece on the Osacar Meyer Weinermobile and the people who drive it. Say "Cheesie Weenie!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKcGSDvYEwU
  2. Funny hearing Ben Gleib rank on superfans considering Jimmy Pardo's Father-in-law
  3. Thanks in advance for using this as the new catchphrase.
  4. Ex-gay therapist on CNN. Especially funny when it gets to 0:57. To summarize, a "therapist" has another man cradle him on a couch, and then hits a pillow with a tennis racket while yelling at his Mom.
  5. I'd like to see the guys from Don't Stop or We'll Die discuss Weezer's catalog.
  6. A Jon Hamm music podcast and it's NOT called Hamm Radio? For shame.
  7. Man Possessed by Gay Demon
  8. My guess was Chris D'Elia. He does the Improv a lot, carries himself like he's famous, probably comes off as arrogant, is a "bro", etc.
  9. You're welcome. https://soundcloud.com/bowdogg/comedy-bing-bong-2013-plugs
  10. ianbauer

    CBB Tour - Who's coming?

    I'm looking forward to the evening show in in Boston, what about you?
  11. The embedding doesn't seem to work but, this lady rants about the heat and it's hilarious. She's like a Jordan Peele character. http://www.youtube.c...d&v=a6tKJvWWDP4
  12. Jon, this is hilarious. I'm tearing up over here.
  13. Forgive me if I'm off topic but, my friend and I were watching the film Arlington Road (basically about terrorism/terrorist attacks) recently and there was a character that sounded like Bob Ducca. So we started thinking: (In Bob Ducca voice) "I've been affected by the following terrorist attacks: Bombing of USS Cole Unibomber Unicycle Bomber Anthrax Lorax Extreme Islamic attacks Extreme Balsam attacks Extreme Balsamic Vinaigrette attacks Flashmobbing 9/11 7/11 411 Trojan Horse Pan Am Flight 103 Pamela Anderson Flight 103 Open Mic Bombing"
  14. them other niggies eat chippies like they get paid
  15. ianbauer

    Comedy Bang Bang on tour

    Are you kidding me? Yes. I'll be there. Anyone else going to the Boston show?
  16. Not sure if anyone's familiar with NoiseTrade.com. It's where a lot of indie bands go to give away their music for free. Figured this is a good resource for the Sklar's podcast or for people who like...music I'll start your off with a suggestion The Lighthouse and the Whaler Enjoy!
  17. I was very excited to see Seth Godin had an Earwolf podcast. I think it's a brilliant idea. My boss recommended Tribes to me the same day I listened to episode of The Wolf's Den where Jeff interviewed Matt Belknap (great episode) and mentions Seth Godin. I read it and then started checking out his material. I especially like his talk "This is Broken." Relevant: There's a book out there called Quitter by Jon Acuff that deals with making the transition between your day job to your dream job. Check it out. Thanks for putting this together, Jeff!
  18. ianbauer

    Mike Baurer - Sex w/ Food

    Your last name is weird.
  19. thanks in advance for saying this, chocktaw.
  20. ianbauer

    Earwolf? I barely know her!

    You're all too kind.