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    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    great show. it really took me back... you see, i used to be a huge phish fan (30+ live shows). but it's been years (maybe more than 10) since i have really listened to them. i have to admit that i found myself agreeing with scott more and more throughout the podcast. why did i ever like this band? the lyrics are pretty weak; trey is not a good singer; they seem very gimmicky in retrospect... and then, when i got home, i was determined to dig a little deeper and listen to some of their music. i have long since lost all of my taped shows (and my tape deck), so i had to rely on studio material --> story of the ghost, junta, lawnboy, rift... fucking rift!! what a great song/album! i also stumbled across the studio version of 'run like an antelope' (an all time great live song/jam) and 'foam' and 'dinner and a movie' and 'reba' and 'split open and melt' and 'maze'... anyway, by the time i made it to 'ghost' i had remembered what i loved about this band... the fucking drugs!! and the soaring guitar-led action-packed jams... 'ghost' is a good album, though. it's more structured and less jammy, and has more singing by paige and mike (not trey) which is nice. 'birds of a feather' and 'ghost' are 2 pretty solid songs. so, thanks to you guys for sending me down memory lane and making me smile as i remembered the time i experienced mushroom-induced deafness at a show back in '98 - it only lasted about 15 seconds, but it made that night pretty memorable and the spinners far less annoying (for just a minute).