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  1. Wait, so it's only there for a time and then no longer there? What kind of crazy concept is this? That's like the opposite of a pocast.
  2. Campbell's charac (short for character) was some of the funniest stuff I've heard on CBB in a while.
  3. eiv

    Episode 8 — Best of 2012

    Loved the ending, definitively a worthy winner of best track of the year.
  4. eiv

    Episode 8 — You're A Moron

    The part about Jurassic Park had me in stiches.
  5. This podcast is amazing, even though I've never watched any of the programs you're riffing over. Great stuff!
  6. eiv

    Episode 187 — Finger Chimes

    You're awesome, rachelpi, that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for making my late work-night. (also, the episode was great)
  7. eiv

    Episode 32 — 88 Minutes

    Great episode, but oh god, the shrieking.
  8. eiv

    Episode 65.5 — 3/2/2012 TWO CHARTED

    Love the podcast, but that pyramid stuff was really embarassing.
  9. eiv

    Gelmania II

    I love this so much never stop.
  10. eiv

    Episode 3 — Gelmania

    This is the best show I have heard in a long time. The production quality was top notch, too. I'd love to hear more episodes.
  11. Awesome episode. I think the inanity/geniusness peaked at "so do you eat a dick every time someone has sex with your butt"? I lolled out loud,