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  1. mr thune, who is your favorite podcast?
  2. yeah at first i was like 'ugh all this dork stuff, forget thsi show' but then i heard my name and even more importantly i found out what kinds of women i should aspire to buying one day so i like holywood hambook a lot again
  3. they should change that teams name, there should not be swears in a profesional footman name
  4. having THE PLAYERS CLUB episode on sunday nights is a real treat, none of my other shows come out on the weekend also was not expecting dave holmes, AAA show get on board
  5. mr morris? hello? are u there??
  6. i beg pardon for my rudeness but not for the sentiment
  7. mr morris, do you make a lot of money?
  8. mr morris, what would you like to recieve as a st valentime's day present?
  9. greggy

    Yet Another Sponsor Complaint

    this guy dangling worms for his 'case closed' fishing trip
  10. i saw a fat man with a hitler moustache today
  11. i wonder if terry crews would make a good guest of course he would, hes good at everything
  12. i think if you repent to your god they might forgive you for the time you laughed at a silly joke but i cant be sure, check with your holy man or scripture
  13. http://gobayside.tumblr.com/ mr pardo is on this week's GO BAYSIDE which is a good show you might like to listen to anyway
  14. this morning i went to the gym and got all wet and gross so i took a shower and then when i was walking to my car my hair froze to my scarf
  15. look at this dude, bragging about his sweet headphones
  16. careful if you keep negging the pua's they will just want to date you d-man
  17. i dont know how clocks work so maybe this is in time?? mr dominick, where do you think we go when we die?
  18. ron funches might be too nice to fit the vibe but i love him
  19. keep the ideas flowing chanson i think we're close to the bottom on this one also congraduations andyknees, regarding changing the theme maybe just the popcorn/drum parts with another show quote or two? idk, im no musician, i cant even sing off keys
  20. this was a good episode, great job i am proud of you guys
  21. i used to call in a lot, i was spike from new york
  22. grace, something about funny zone or funny hats or w/e since thats what gets on the show how do you get your mindset parked in the funny ramp