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  1. greggy

    Episode 258 - Lennon Parham, Our Goals Friend

    cant believe that earwofl forum doesnt have a reminder to vote on the top of it. im not going to vote now
  2. greggy

    Episode 256 - Tom Scharpling, Our New Host

    hey yall just wanted to make a post to look at some things on my account here, dont mind this post
  3. hayes definitely does, he had a lot of time growing up to goof off and have fun. but i think unfortunately sean's parents probably were pushing him towards the ivy league from the very beginning
  4. hayes and sean should do something on twitch. idk what but theyd make a mint
  5. when erin described the lady's body it really caught my imagination and i couldnt stop myself from moaning "...the perfect woman..." out loud and now my wife is PISSED
  6. hey if any of you guys feel sad that you missed the glory days of forum hangouts come catch the magic this weekend. it wont be exactly the same because we wont just be talking about HH but you can make me talk mostly about HH if you want
  7. little esther, BIG laughs
  8. check out some old threads from around that time KindaGamey and heck while your there maybe click like on some funny posts!
  9. yes it was nice to hear @JulyDiaz one of the greatest thread posters of all time on there but the fans demand the return of andy kneis @kneisage
  10. got some tickets to see joe mande live after hearing the caliber of his material on the podcast. i cant wait to hear these great bits irl. VERY refreshing after so much alt comedy bullshit on this network
  11. greggy

    Episode 251 - Tim Baltz, Our Close Friend

    lol i guess hayes is freaking crazy if hes going to a shrink. what a lunatic. you dont have to be crazy to have a podcast here but it helps
  12. greggy


    idk i think podcasting has really run its course
  13. anyway yeah thansk for clicking that
  14. hey yall its time for me to chime in here and say enough is enough. please just agree to the earwolf cookie policy because its only there to make the site better and its for you really. i know a lot of you "alt comedy" types are anarchists who dont like to accept policies but ut the politics aside for a minute and do the right thing. for my less tech-savvy readers, you accept the cookie policy by clicking the circle heart in the bottom right corner of this post VVV
  15. hello from the magic tavern, forum jk i just mean hello hows it going