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  1. rip in peace engineer ryan xoxo
  2. Don't have an observation about the movie, but its fun that Kulap's the guest since her husband, Paul's boss Scott Aukerman, played a Country Bears character when he worked at Disneyland. He's told a story of getting lost in the park and nearly passing out while in the full Country Bears mascot costume.
  3. roger stone and memes is a genuine masterpiece
  4. devscoots

    Episode 287 - Andy Daly, Our Cookbook Friend

    sean was being a big ol silly this ep and it was fun to hear him have fun its hard to go far wrong when you got ol andy daly around. 5 stars
  5. devscoots

    Episode 276 - Mitra Jouhari, Our Rant Friend

    Still a big fan of the policy to release the eps when I, personally, get home from work thumbs up and an even bigger thumbs to the continued expansion of the role of music on the show
  6. I'll take my Ronna and Beverley wherever and however I can get it. I really liked the ep too!
  7. devscoots

    The Masked Engineer, Our Masked Friend

    truly an amazing perfect piece of art
  8. I'm assuming the change of font on the earwolf 'site is a secret xmas pres from the boys and boys... ... .. . thenk you
  9. devscoots

    Episode 262 - Brett Gelman, Our Close Friend

    PWOT or the cracked forums
  10. devscoots

    Episode 262 - Brett Gelman, Our Close Friend

    Guys a forum i've been going to for years now is closing down soon and its really bumming me out. A place thats been a huge part of my internet life is about to just go away and theres nothing anyone can do. Value what you have is my point i guess. especially with the internet these things can just fucking go
  11. devscoots

    Episode 259 - Cedric Yarbrough, Our Close Friend

    Kevin's story just may have justified his presence existence
  12. devscoots

    Episode 257 - Max Silvestri, Our Dessert Friend

    i dont know what this jordan characters whole deal is but so far every ep shes been on has been a goddamn humdinger
  13. devscoots

    Episode 113 - Has Louis C.K. Earned a Second Chance?

    Really well put, both of you. To the point nothing more needs to be said. Again, you guys got all I wanted to say said better than I could. Thanks.
  14. devscoots

    Episode 255 - Stefani Robinson, Our Close Friend

    (carried over from last weeks forum) in unrelated news; does having lead in your water make you a wonderful person who is a whizz at making stickers and badges? i can't say for sure, but recent evidence points... to yes