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  1. also i give zero shits about kanye's 'arrogance', rap is one of the toughest games to get in to and if you dont believe you're one of the greatest you wont have the drive to eat all the shit you will be given on the way to making it i just wish kanye would be a producer instead of a rapper and make sincerely great music with people with the skills he is missing
  2. you could have the sickest beats known to man handed down from the rap god on high but if you just get a random guy off the streets to rap 'one fish two fish red fish blue fish' over them between bites of a peanut butter sandwich it can only ever reach 'good but shame about the guy rapping' status kanye would not be a famous rapper at all based only on his own skills as a rapper or lyricist, so to say GREATEST ALBUM OF OUR GENERATION is ridiculous hyperbole i cant think of an album i would push forward witht hat level of hype but luckily i dont have to since i wasnt staking outrageous claims dang dude you got me realposting i hope your happy
  3. your lucky u have ep 37 of RSS ahead of you juan, thats the best one except the alst one
  4. nah it was better than yeezus tho
  5. i like to listen to podcasts while i work out too but laughing too hard throws me off so i have to save i4h for after, i admire your fortitude s-bags
  6. fieval goes south: an erotic tail
  7. mr besser was on the right track, the killer mike and el-p album he is referring to they release as a duo called "run the jewels", with the album having the same name it really is very very good and i would probably call it my album of the year, almost all the tracks are spectacular
  8. shout out to weird twittermen @babyfucker @dogclits @weedlordbonerhitler69420 @the_real_buckkethead @smasheggs @idiotfukkr
  9. space jam 11 completely bypasses 2-10 to tell the most amazing space jam story possible. micael jordan and the looney tunes will have to team up with the monstars and golf legend tiger woods and a baseball guy of some sort and footballer peyton manning to defeat the biggest threat to the universe of all time: satin himself
  10. that jake guy had a lot of stuff to say i would say mean things about him but he said he LIKEs trolls, i am pwerless
  11. i like this idea a lot but original stories can be dicey, maybe you could retool it as cheaper by the dozen 3, where the lady and 13 kids die in a bus accident and its just steve martin and the parrot
  12. home alone 2: lost in new york 2 kevin mccallister is now a grown man trying to find himself in the big apple he works at an old folks home where the elderly wet bandits live, when he finds out they plan to steal a bunch of pudding from the kitchen he sets traps with disastrous results, the rest of the film is a courtroom drama in his manslaughter case another long one, thanks for reading also great job to everyone posting in this thread on getting it a HOT tag
  13. death to smoochie 2 after dying in the first movie smoochie is returned to life another hot zombie film
  14. that food fight movie by mr sheen is a cult classic now, remake that but live action this time original cast
  15. more miserables, a sequel to 2012's musical, with all new songs by ke$ha
  16. another hannibal lecter movie where hes really suave while he's killing and eating dumb people, guys in fedoras need a new movie to go see
  17. mr daly: you are really really funny, i like you a lot mr clements: please figure out a way to make that a question
  18. mr foglenest: how do you come up with new catchphrases?
  19. sleeping with the enemy 2 this time julia roberts is the enemy
  20. that rly was one of the best i4h segments of all time, good work on getting it together thomas, you are a champion of podcasting