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  1. thanks for this explanation
  2. this was a cool bow to 107, tying everything up
  3. im eating trukey, im gone full paleo so i am having turkey and mashed almonds and turkey bones and spinach and turkey rolls and a pimpkin smoothie with almond milk but no sugar and chicken breasts and turkey blood
  4. greggy

    Episode 107 — Slime Boy

    also i log in and say good job to my faves but sometimes i forget to mention mr besser is my favest of all, what a guy
  5. greggy

    Episode 107 — Slime Boy

    i think betsy sodaro is a very funny person i love to hear her on this spectac show
  6. dear thomas, thank you for saying my name on the vpn i4h episode. u took some flak from matt for it and i appreciate you taking that bullet for me m8. you are my dog for life. we ride together, we die together. love and kisses, gregy PLEASE PEOPLE OF EARWOLF MAKE THOMAS SEE THIS MESSAGE mods pls sticky until thoms sees it
  7. ms ellie kemper: dang, your really smart and cool, is being smart required to be a star?? i hope not
  8. hmm at first i was going to say i was doing my part cracking wise and funning with the guys in the youtube chat but i actually do have an amazing sotry, maybe the best story ever told about the time thomas and mr. besser said my name on the podcast gonna call in now, lateskis
  9. I love improov4humans with a fiery intensity. Mat besser is a legend and a personal hero. Know this is coming from a place off love and sincerity: I would like a cool i4h tshirt without a manhead on a dogsbody or a sexy lady robot bu*t on it, like maybe a logo and 'best podcast on the universe" or w/e
  10. greggy

    VPN with Zach Woods

    And not just b/c he sayed my name, he also got matt bessser to say my name
  11. greggy

    VPN with Zach Woods

    thomas is a he*k of a good man, he is my friend
  12. Mr paul rust : how do you get on television, I have ideas I would like to share to as many people as possible as quickly as possible so television is a good media for me. Do I have 2 b funny? That could be a problem 4 mee
  13. This was probably the best episode yet, particular the last few minutes
  14. hmm, I did like this so I think I wikl check out this "1/3 of all comedy podcasts ever made" thing, thanks for the "professional-tip" lucas Also after how muxh nicer this episode was I decided i would like too have my name said on the show again. pleese say greggy next week on the show,since it isn't so rude now
  15. Paul f Tompkins was a very good guest. Thank you for having mr f Tompkins on you're show.
  16. Thomas is among the strongest best men on this crazy f*ckd up planet, he has a mighty head mussle engorged with the power of scientifically calculated calorie rich fluids, if anyone could stand up to matt if he felt he was getting bullied it would be my hero thomas
  17. Heh heh heh some gr8 posts this week, so random in here I think a muskrat just absconded with my bowling shoes jk i dont bowl loll
  18. Mr Tompkins: where do u get ur funny ideas? Re u a big goofman irl like you are on stage? Ill take my answer off the air
  19. listen to ur heart tomas
  20. you with no me is like a pod with no pea
  21. i hate to say i told u so but i did say weeks ago u guys need to have smeone google nasmes because you are going 2 hurt someones feelings and now here we are i didnt like how adam treated you but this was bound to happen somday. hmm candy? candywise i guess i have to say sixlets, the oval shape of eminems grosses me out
  22. i told a guy about this show today, i think he will chek it out am i doing it right??
  23. oh my b if shes over 18 thats ok i suppose ty for sharing who u want 2 have sex wit